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Is College-Town Pizza A Recognizable Style?

The thriving class of over-cheesed, over-topped, inferior pizzas that populate college towns everywhere have been left under-analyzed by Slice...until now. Ace pizza analyst Kenji Lopez-Alt gets at the heart of what separates this ubiquitous style of pizza from the rest, and uncovers the truth behind their nationwide campus domination. More

Have You Ever Heard of Swirl Pizza?

Swirl Pizza is a style found along the Schuylkill river towns just northwest of Philadelphia. This pizza is built upon a crust much thinner than your average Philly slice, and the sauce is applied on top of the cheese in a decorative spiral pattern. More

Duel of the Massachusetts Sweet Sauce Pizza

Go into Little Italy in Beverly, Massachusetts, and talk about the "competition," and you will be met with expressions of contempt. Go into Luigi's, and basically, the same thing happens. We put these pizzas to the test: In a head-to-head pizza standoff, which sweet-ass pizza is more sweet-ass? More

Making a Case for Central-Valley-Style Pizza

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... I'm sure you're getting a million emails from people telling you that you've forgotten their local style of pizza, but I thought I'd go ahead and give this a shot. I'm originally from the Central Valley in California, specifically Fresno, and I know that if anyone from the Valley read your post about the various styles of pizza, they would be surprised to not find theirs.... More

Memphis: Coletta's, Home of BBQ Pizza

Coletta's Italian Restaurant is supposedly the place where barbecue pizza was invented. It was also claims to be the oldest restaurant in Memphis, dating back to 1923, when it introduced pizza to the city in the 1950s, and was Elvis Presley's favorite pizza. I don't doubt any of the claims. Apparently when Coletta's started serving pizza, locals had no idea what it was or how to eat it. Only when they decided to top it with something a bit more familiar did the pizza take off. More

Last Week's Poll Results: Our Favorite Pizza Style(s)

Well, it's time to call time on last week's poll, "What's Your Favorite Pizza Style?" A week's worth of results are in, and the winner is New York thin crust (aka New York–style) with a 35 percent sweep. In a way, I'm not super surprised, since Slice was founded in NYC and its original mission was to explore the world of New York City pizza. Slice has expanded in scope since then to include a weekly review from Chicago, which is why I'm surprised the total Chicago vote represented only 14 percent (6 percent stuffed, 4 deep dish, and... More

Poll: What's Your Favorite Pizza Style?

Given all the different pizza styles out there and the fact that I only have room for 10 options in these polls, this is going to be limited by necessity. Still, all the major styles are represented here as well as some others. So go for it. Which trips yr trigger? Answer the poll here »... More

On 'Pizza Parlor Pizza'

I'm working on a post about some pizza I had in D.C. a little while ago, but I want to preface that discussion with some thoughts I had that were inspired by one of the places in D.C. that I visited. If you read the List of U.S. Regional Pizza Styles a while back, I guess this "style" might go in there, but it's not so much regional as it is contextual, circumstantial, or philosophical. I actually blabbed this out a bit in a blog-post comment during the holidays, but I wanted to highlight it here so I can refer... More

The 'Pizza Strip': Indigenous to Rhode Island

Photograph from ~Twon~ on Flickr Here's a pizza style we neglected to round up in our list of Regional Pizza Styles: the pizza strip, which is apparently available in New England but thrives in Rhode Island. Native Ocean Stater Christopher Borrelli writes about it in the Chicago Tribune: The pizza strip is the pizza I grew up on, and unique beyond its shape. I doubt I ever attended a party or cookout in Providence where a pile of strips was not served. A box of them was always in our kitchen, the cardboard studded with grease spots. Some call... More

Keste Introduces the 'Pizza Wallet'

grubstreet.com Grub Street reports that Kesté Pizza & Vino is selling something called a "pizza wallet." As you know, traditional Neapolitan pizza is a sit-down, knife-and-fork affair. The "pizza wallet," or "portfolio" pie, is the Italians' version of the on-the-go slice. Kesté's $6 mini Margherita if folded in half twice, essentially making a conical "wallet" that you eat cornicione-end first. Kesté Pizza & Vino 271 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 (b/n Jones and Cornelia streets; map) 212-243-1500; kestepizzeria.com... More

Beau Jo's: A Rocky Mountain Original

When adding toppings, Beau Jo's definitely seems to take into consideration the amount of crust, because the quantities are huge. Beau Jo’s 2710 S. Colorado Boulevard, Denver CO 80222 (map); 773-275-7080‎; beaujos.com Pizza Style: Mountain style Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: Family-friendly Colorado mini-chain serves up unique mountain pies with huge corniciones and an overload of toppings; honey for crust-dipping is a genius idea that ought to be replicated Price: Mountain Pies range from $6.99 for a plain-cheese 1-pounder to $35.99 for a 5-pounder Specialty Pie; all-you-can-eat option featuring 7-pizza buffet, salad, and soup is $8.49 for adults and 50¢... More

New Pizza Style in NYC Uses Puff Pastry as Crust

Village Voice You know, I thought I had linked to this Village Voice blog post the day it came out in one of the daily(ish) Leftovers I do, but it looks like I didn't. Oh, well, I was going to give it its own post anyway, since it's totally worth it. The heart of the matter: Robert Sietsema has discovered a new pizza style in Manhattan at Birdbath Bakery: [Birdbath] has come up with a pizza based, not on the usual yeast- or sourdough-risen crust, but with a flaky puff pastry crust. The crust renders brittle and oily, and... More

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