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Do New York Dollar Slices Represent a Unique Pizza Style?

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 25 comments

Sure, on the surface, it resembles a typical thin-crusted New York slice with a thin layer of sauce and cheese and a mildly blistered, brown edge. But superficial similarities belie some fundamental differences. Here's what makes a one-dollar-New-York slice a completely unique entity from a normal New York slice. More

Is There a 'Quad Cities-Style' Pizza?

Chicago Adam Kuban 16 comments

Ladies and gents, I thought I had seen all the possible pizza styles out there, but Titus Ruscitti highlights something known, at least regionally, as Quad Cities–style pizza. (The Quad Cities area being a group of five cities in Illinois and Iowa that straddle the Mississippi River.) More

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