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Mixed Review: Ecco La Pasta Parmesan Pizza Crust

Lately I've been obsessed with making pizza. It began with (I'll admit it) a Boboli renaissance," but has graduated to pizza crust mixes. Free from worries about yeast, arduous kneading, and second rises, nothing is more fun than hanging out in the kitchen, sipping wine and scouring the fridge for inspired toppings. Recently, I picked up a box of Ecco La Pasta's Parmesan Pizza Crust Mix (available in select Williams-Sonoma stores for $12), hoping it would deliver something like Pizza Hut's stuffed crust—but be a bit more, ahem, refined. More

A Thai Pizza Has Bacon and Cheese Stuffed in the Crust

Bangkok-based journalist Newley Purnell just hipped me to perhaps the most extreme stuffed-crust pizza yet. On his blog, he says: You can get it at The Pizza Company, a Thai chain. I haven’t tried it yet. But I just might have to. One interesting detail: it’s served with cheese sauce on the side. (In case you need even more cheese! Presumably there’s no bacon on the side, since there’s “double bacon” in the crust.) "But I might just have to"? Might? Come on, Mr. Purnell, you have to try it. We'd love to see some actual pictures of this... More

10 Crazy Asian Pizzas

My idea of a pizza is rather basic: a flat round of dough covered in tomato sauce, dotted with mozzarella, and topped with a few basil leaves. But in the world of East Asian pizza chain pies, that would be some major weak-sauce pizza. More

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