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A Pizza My Mind: On Planning a Pizza Crawl

Ultimately, pizza crawls are about feeling accomplished when it's all said and done. And that requires eating a ton of pizza. When you think about it, the logical solution to maintaining your stamina is calling it quits mid-slice. But are you going to leave a slice from Di Fara's or a pie from Paulie Gee's unfinished? No, and I wouldn't either. More

On Boston Pizza Crawls

A Sicilian pizza from Boston's Galleria Umberto. [Photograph: Carey Jones] I'm in Boston for a few days, and I'm doing what I normally do when I get anywhere, plotting my time bite by bite. Serious Eats's Carey Jones has been doing some serious pizza-eating in Beantown in the last year (her boyfriend lives here: hello, Megabus), so I've been re-reading a lot of her terrific posts. Carey loves the Sicilian slices at Galleria Umberto, which she also wrote about in her Boston Sicilian pizza crawl post. She is also very high on the Neapolitan pies at Gran Gusto in... More

Slice Walk: Park Slope

Or, 'Every Damn Slice Pizzeria in Park Slope' You know, for all the pizza-eating I do in the service of this beast that is Slice, I typically focus on one place per blog post. I visit a few times, get a feel for the joint, and then file a dispatch for your approval. But a while back, I was forced to try a new approach—a systematic neighborhood slice survey. I had been asked by Time Out New York to survey the city's various Little Italys in search of the best pizzas in each one. Taking my journalistic duty seriously, I... More

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