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Poll: Which Pizza/Bread Hybrid is Best?

Slice Meredith Smith 30 comments

A little tomato sauce and grated cheese can transform almost any old bread base—an English muffin, bagel, or a crusty end of French bread—into a the perfect after-school approximation of the best stuff on Earth. While these pizza mutts can never rival the real thing, nostalgia can breed some pretty fierce loyalty to devotees of this class of pizza snack. Which pizza-bread hybrid do you love best? More

Poll: Do You Do Pizza Bagels?

Slice Adam Kuban 11 comments

As I said last week when I mentioned the things, I think we've all probably made a pizza bagel at some time in our lives. Right? I characterized this hybrid as a teen-ager's after-school snack ... but ... maybe I was too hasty? What about it, Slice'rs: Do you do pizza bagels? » More

Daily Slice: Ess-a-Bagel's Pizza Bagel, Midtown East

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

You probably remember pizza bagels from your youth. I know I do. Slap some canned pizza sauce on a bagel half, grate some mozzarella over it, shake a little Parmesan and oregano on it (if you're gettin' fancy), and nuke it in the radar range. Hear that beep? Your after-school snack is ready. More

Battle of the Bagel Bites: Which Is the Best Mini Pizza Bagel?

Slice Maggie Hoffman 10 comments

In theory, we love bagel bites. They're so cute! They're like tiny pizzas! You can eat them anytime! But in reality, mini pizza bagels have flaws. Can we find a bagel bite to love? We tried three different brands to find out. More

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