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American Classics: Snappy Turtle Cookies

There's something delightfully macabre about eating foods shaped like adorable animals. Childhood is full of opportunities to bite the ears off of chocolate bunnies and take down an entire school of Goldfish in a single, satisfying crunch. Not surprisingly, Beatrice Harlib's 1952 Pillsbury Bakeoff Grand Prize-winning recipe for Snappy Turtle Cookies, pecan tortoises with buttery cookie bodies and chocolate frosted shells, was inspired by her own young son. More

American Classics: By Cracky Bars

For those who can't bare to choose between a blondie and a brownie, there's a dessert that perfectly marries the two: the By Cracky bar. Second prize winner in the 1952 Pillsbury Bakeoff, the By Cracky Bar was the genius creation of fifteen-year-old Yvonne Whyte of New Bedford, Massachusetts. For her efforts, young Miss Whyte won $2,000, a GE electric range, an electric mixer and the undying gratitude of dessert lovers all across the country. More

Comment of the Day: Some Pillsbury Bake-Off Insight

Comment of the Day"There are actually 2 lists of eligible ingredients. List A is the Pillsbury "convenience" foods—pie dough, bread dough, cookie dough, etc. While Flour, Crisco, Eggland's Best Eggs, et al, are indeed eligible ingredients, they're actually part of what's called "List B" ingredients and are usually considered bit players to the List A ingredients. The rules state you *must* use one ingredient from list A and one ingredient from list B so there's really almost no way around one of the list A convenience items taking front and center stage for your recipe (how could you possibly hide 17 oz of pie or cookie dough in any recipe—it's really not possible)...." stephle, in Talk More

Anna Ginsberg's Cookie Madness

You may think you love cookies, but chances are Anna Ginsberg's passion for them far outstrips yours. I mean, her blog is called Cookie Madness. She bakes something every day and her combination of talent and persistence have paid off, big time: she won last year's Pillsbury Bake-Off!... More

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