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Seattle: Judging Cochon 555, the Super Bowl of Swine

Seattle chefs brought their A-game to Sunday's Cochon 555, the Super Bowl of Sustainable Swine. And by A-game, I mean pork belly topped with kimchi, bacon brittle gelato, pork blood ravioli, Scrapple Bomba, ham topped with "lardonnaise", trotter fritters, lard biscuits and much, much more. The event, which hits eight cities in the U.S., was created to showcase family farms raising heritage breed pigs. More

The Nasty Bits: Thoughts On Lungs

I'd never seen a pig eviscerated, and while the other organs appeared as expected, the lungs of the pig literally took my breath away. The edges of both the lung and the liver tapered to protracted edges, like that of hand-carved wooden spoons. I'd never seen such fresh-looking, beautiful lungs in my life, and almost immediately my stomach began to grumble. More

Baconfest: An Ode to Pig Belly in Chicago

"If any attendees walked out of Baconfest disappointed, 100% of the blame falls on their defective palates." Inside-out pig in a blanket from David Burke's Primehouse. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] You never know when inspiration is going to hit. For Michael Griggs and Andre Pluess, it came early this year after seeing the Neo-Futurists perform Beer, a puppet-filled musical about the visions of a ten-year-old boy who gets drunk after sneaking into a brewery. The play left Michael and Andre wondering what they loved as much as the playwright loved beer. Before long, they had their muse: Bacon. Once that realization hit, the wheels started turning and they decided to plan a huge tribute to bacon. Late that night, they called... More

Making Spicy Sizzling Sisig, or 'Sizzling Pig's Face,' with Ossabaw Pig Parts

First it's pig parts, then it's sisig! Photographs from Burnt Lumpia. How could you not want to read a blog post titled "Five Point Pork Exploding Heart Technique"? In this latest post from Marvin of Southern California-based food blog Burnt Lumpia, he unboxes a special package he received last week: a cooler filled with heritage breed Ossabaw pig parts, specifically belly, jowls, and ears. To celebrate the joyous bounty of pork, he will turn the parts into five delicious, pork-centric Filipino dishes to be enjoyed by his wife and him as the rest of us on the Internet simple stare and drool. The first dish he makes is the porkalicious spicy sizzling sisig: Sisig is a spicy and sourish... More

Memphis in May: May the Best Swine Win

"You eat barbecue; you don’t grill on the barbecue," one Memphis in May competition judge and friend recently enlightened me. "It's a food, not an appliance." You would have been pierced with a grill fork last weekend if you misused the word at Memphis in May, the world's largest pork roast competition. Vying for over $90,000 in prizes and bragging rights, 261 teams gathered, including presence from Estonia, Norway and Belgium. Some categories included: best whole hog, best shoulder and best ribs, with entirely separate titles for best sauces. Team names are almost as important as the meat itself. Some of our favorites include: Sweet Swine o’ Mine, Rib Ticklers, and Rhoda Brown’s Smokie Fatties. Typically, most phrases involving "fatties"... More

How To Cook Pig Tails

I like parts. Especially pig parts. So when Jennifer of Flying Pigs Farm offered me some pig tails, I didn't hesitate. For cooking advice, I looked to Fergus Henderson's Nose to Tail Eating: he gives them a slow braise, breads them and browns them in butter. (For those who don't have the book, an adaptation of the recipe is available on Gourmet's web site—although if you have access to pig tails, and a desire to eat them, you're the kind of Serious Eater who needs this book.) These are not cute little cartoon-curly tails; good, because Fergus is quite specific about asking one's butcher for long tails.... More

Happy National Pig Day

Today, March 1, is National Pig Day! Celebrate this joyous occasion by giving thanks to your favorite pig. Or delicious pig-based product. Last year, we celebrated National Pig Day with our Pig Heaven Honor Roll, a list of our picks for top pork purveyors, pork dishes, pork-knowledgeable chefs, and pork-related media in the country. We also made it a point to saturate the week of last year's National Pig Day with more pig-related posts than usual. After the jump are ten of our favorite bacon and pork-filled posts from the last year.... More

The Littlest Pig

Tetley the piglet is no bigger than a tea cup. He's a Pennywell miniature pig, bred from a range of old English breeds, growing no bigger than the size of a cocker spaniel. Watch a video about these tiny pigs.... More

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