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Jessica Seinfeld and Missy Chase Lapine: 'Wrong, Wrong, Wrong'

Their books, which teach parents to disguise veggies in brownies, mac and cheese, and pudding, are wrong on so many levels, Mimi Sheraton writes. "First, children get the wrong message that sweets and starches are good for them." Second is "the invisibility of vegetables in their own recognizable forms. As a result, children are not afforded the opportunity to get used to the idea of trying and learning about them. Nor will they consider them necessary for good health." Update: Cookbook Author Sues Jerry Seinfeld for Defamation [1/8/2007]... More

Picky Eaters Unite: It's Not Your Fault

It turns out there's a picky eater gene. How many of you had it as a kid? If you have a child, have you passed it on? (No word on whether the gene is dominant or recessive.) A new study says that 78 percent of picky eating is caused by genetics and the other 22 percent is caused by environment. This is a shock to me because I always thought my own picky eating was due to the fact that my late mother was an unspeakably bad cook. Mom, wherever you are, I apologize for complaining about the food that was put in front of me. I know now it wasn't your fault. Actually, maybe it was your fault, if... More

How to Become an Unpicky Eater

A user on the site Ask MetaFilter queries other users there: How can I become less picky about what I eat? A large number of replies suggest that the inquirer cook the food himself with the reasoning that it won't be "weird" or "gross" if he knows what's in a dish or how it's made. And many folks suggest reading Jeffrey Steingarten's The Man Who Ate Everything for tips or this archived article on Slate by Steingarten. My trick, which at least one respondent recounted, is to wait until you're famished to eat—then almost any food tastes good. Ah, the old "hunger is the best sauce" solution. What are your tricks?... More

David Chang's Money Piece

David Chang of NYC's Momofuku on what excludes tables from the possibility of receiving the money piece, extra-special treatment for otherwise randomly chosen non-VIP diners: "Poor orders were not considered - no sauce on the side people, no special requests, no well-done meats. If they didn’t know how to eat, they weren’t going to appreciate what we were putting on their plates."... More

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