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5 Seasonal Recipes to Celebrate Pi(e) Day

Happy Pi Day everyone! We here at SE, being both food obsessives and...nerds...have a longstanding love affair with this food holiday. And while this editor in particular would love to celebrate with a slice of juicy blueberry pie, times are what they are (read: cold) so we'll have to celebrate with seasonal favorites instead. More

Serious Entertaining: An All-Pie Menu for Pi Day

March 14th is International Pi day, though if math were truly a universal language as they say it is, we'd be better off calling it Universal Pi Day. You know what else speaks to everyone across cultures, borders, and even species? Pies. Nobody doesn't love pie. At least, nobody worth inviting to your next dinner party. In the spirit of International Pi Day, we offer you an entire, soup-to-nuts, all-pie feast. More

Happy Pi(e) Day!

March 14 is a very important day for both math people and pie people (and who doesn't fall under at least one of those categories?). Pi Day (3/14) not only celebrates over one trillion digits past the decimal point, it also gives people like us another excuse to eat pi's buttery crusted homophone. Need pie recipes? Both savory and sweet, we've got you covered. And it's not too late to enter our 2012 Pi Day Bake-off contest! More

Happy Pi Day Pie! Make a Pi-Shaped Pie

There is some disagreement over when to celebrate Pie Day. Some (including the American Pie Council) cite January 23 as the day, the reason allegedly being that the digits of 1/23 are "easy as pie." Others (generally math nerds) say it must be March 14, or "Pi" Day. Of course, this is a very silly argument, because really, it's an opportunity to enjoy pie on two separate occasions. More

Vote For Your Favorite 2010 Pi Day Bake-Off Pie

Do you like staring at photos of pie? And thinking about math equations? OK, even if you said no to the second one, we need you. It's time to vote for the best entry in our 2010 Pi Day Pie Bake-Off we co-sponsored with the good, equally pie-obsessed folks of ScienceBlogs. We've narrowed it down to our ten favorites. Voting ends at midnight EST on Thursday, March 18, and winners will be announced on Friday. Let the voting begin! » More

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