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Serious Heat: What the Heck Is a Trigona?

So what the heck is a trigona? I certainly didn't know before meeting Greg. It's sweet or savory goodness wrapped in phyllo dough, fashioned into a triangle shape. Greg channeled his Greek roots for this recipe, especially since the baked phyllo shell would stay crispy for hours, an absolute must when in a competition cookoff. More

Snapshots from Greece: Spanikopita's Cousin, Hortopita

Will the real spanikopita please stand up. Whoever's running the spanikopita marketing campaign really deserves a raise. I was in Greece for almost a week before I realized that what I thought was spanikopita—layers of crispy phyllo dough stuffed with a cheesy, leafy green mess of joy—actually wasn't. It was hortopita, a savory pie cousin that contains horta, or edible wild greens such as dandelions, chard, kale, and lamb's quarters. Horta directly translates as "grass" in Greek, but refers to about 80 different greens (step aside, spinach) growing all over the country—alongside highways, in fields, and many other places with dirt. It's delicious alone (sauteed with lemon and olive oil) but obviously a few hundred times better when feta... More

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