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Potato Crisps from Luxirare

[Luxirare] The problem with opening up food and fashion website Luxirare (the blog that brought you Pie Lollipops) is that one could easily spend days on end entranced by its incredible photo spreads. In this post on potato chips, we see the making of these stunning snacks in dozens of images—from paper-thin potato sheets to the red pepper, cilantro, and vanilla chips seen above. It's often said that food is a form of art; looking at these photos, it's clear that making it can be, too.... More

Thanksgiving Photos from 'Life': Turkey Bride

Photograph from the Life magazine photo archives on Google In this photo, a woman is modeling her turkey feather wedding dress. No, seriously. The caption reads, "Turkey feather wedding bride Barbara O. Ehrhart, posing with prize turkey carcass." It was taken in 1947, in Turlock, California, by Charles E. Steinheimer. I don't know anyone, fashionista or not, who would wear turkey feathers for her wedding. Based on other photos in this series, it appears Ms. Ehrhart used turkey feathers in all her bridal party's dresses. But the real question here is did they cook the turkey she is posing with for their wedding feast?... More

Thanksgiving Photos From 'Life' Magazine

Clockwise from top left: President Dwight D. Eisenhower carves a turkey, children in the U.K. eating Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving at Byrd Station, foreign students experience the holiday. More holiday images from the Life Photo Archive on Google. From military children celebrating Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom to Thanksgiving dinner in Antarctica at Byrd Station in 1964, it doesn't appear this holiday's feast has changed. While the clothing is different and most of the photos are in black and white, the people and the food are the same. Families are still apt to welcome friends and foreigners to their tables, all the while sticking to the basic turkey and various accompanying side dishes. The image of Dwight D. Eisenhower's Thanksgiving... More

Photo of the Day: The Home of the Silver Butter Knife Steak

Photograph from Society In Decline on Flickr It's important for us to remember our roots, and for the Silver Butter Knife Steak, all the history goes back to Murray's in downtown Minneapolis. When the Silver Butter Knife Steak thinks to itself, "there's no place like home," Murray's is what comes to mind. Silver Butter Knife Steak refers to the restaurant's 28-ounce strip sirloin special, priced at $89.50 and meant for two diners.... More

Blogwatch: Skillet Salsa

Photograph courtesy of The Kitchen Sink Corn, okra, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and jalapeño—a summery side dish from Kristin of The Kitchen Sink that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.... More

The Coolville Supermarket

Alas, the Coolville Supermarket is a grocery store that exists in only in the imagination, spurred on by the images in this awesome photo collection of retro supermarkets and once-upon-a-time grocery packaging. Go race your cart around the aisles.... More

Join Serious Eats on Flickr

Orange Blossom Meringue Kisses Originally uploaded by beurremanie. Join Serious Eats on Flickr, a popular and easy-to-use photo sharing site, and share your food photos with other Serious Eaters. Add us to your contacts and join the group! Flickr member Beurremarie posted this photo of Orange Blossom Meringue Kisses to the group. She blogs at Eddybles.com.... More

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