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Vintage Meat Photo Pool

Photograph from Be the HBIC on Flickr Browsing through the Vintage Meat pool on Flickr is an adventure. An adventure of questionable food styling, uncommon recipes, charming illustrations, and whatever's going on in this photo. [via The Retro Blog] Related Share the Meat! Propaganda Posters Sausage Art in Russia Photo of the Day: Meatscapes... More

Photo of the Day: Classic Skyscraper Lunch Scene, Recreated with Legos

Photograph from Balakov on Flickr Recognize the reference to the Charles Ebbets photograph Lunch Atop a Skyscraper? British photographer Mike Stimpson was inspired to recreate this and other iconic scenes using Legos. Our favorite plastic friends must be pretty ravenous after a rough day of building the Rockefeller Center. The only thing that concerns me: those plastic lunch pails look empty. [via Wired]... More

Unbelievable! This Is Not Butter!

Everyone has heard of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!, the margarine spread with the memorably comical name. While there are many butter substitutes gracing our grocery store shelves (oh yes, how they make my stomach juices flow), I assumed that this was the only product that used the word "butter" to market its superiority over other butter substitutes through its fascinating ability to be mistaken for real butter. But my world of fake butter (population: 1) was turned upside-down when I read Elyse Sewell's livejournal entry documenting curious products from her local supermarket, including two more I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!-like products: Butter It's Not! and Could It Be Butter? I found these names just as amusing... More

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