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In Videos: Paula Deen Talks Kitchen Gadgets on the 'Today' Show

Since your Monday could probably use a little dose of Paula's cackle and charm, watch her at the International Home & Housewares show in Chicago this morning, picking out some of her favorite new kitchen and gardening gadgets. Did you know red is the number-one color for pots? Paula did! And did you know she has eight dogs that she wants to feed the latest barbecue squirrel treats? (One of her pups, Chelsea, looks antsy on camera, and Paula gets all puppy-talk with her.) She also points out that "we're nesting more," hence a budding childrens' gardening apparel market. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Photo of the Day: Passive-Aggressive 'Feed the Fish' Note

Photograph from passiveaggressivenotes on Flickr I'm surprised my turtle hasn't left me a note like this yet. My roommate Jessica is by far the better parent of Cecil, our red-eared slider turtle (named after the old man-voiced turtle in Looney Toons). This is a non-passive-aggressive thank you to Jessica for making sure Cecil is not dead. Jessica and Tiffany should be friends.... More

Pet Sweat: Only in Japan, Kids

Photograph from Kellyhyde on Flickr What I'm guessing is that, as a commenter says on the page that this photo appears on, is that this is simply a version of the Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat that's marketed for people to give to their pets. Yes, Pocari Sweat itself is a zany name, but as you know, you can never account for translation.... More

Miniature Hamster Food

Since your hamster deserves only the very best in freshly prepared food, why not whip up one of these miniature treats? Follow the step-by-step photos and you too can indulge your hamster in a veggie hot dog the size of a quarter or a tiny tortilla veggie pizza.... More

Cooking for Your Dogs and Cats

Andrew Adam Newman of the New York Times, on why sales of pet food cookbooks are suddenly on the rise: "A month ago, the thought of preparing home-cooked meals for a dog or cat might have seemed obsessive even for the most devoted pet lovers. But with tainted pet food being blamed for at least 16 pet deaths — and some veterinarians predicting hundreds more to follow — preparing lamb stew for the family pet suddenly sounds sensible to at least a few more people." As pet health writer Christie Keith said in the San Francisco Chronicle a few weeks ago, "The human race and its assorted domesticated animals have managed to survive and reproduce for hundreds of thousands,... More

What Goes Into Your Pet's Food?

"A pet-food manufacturer recalled 60 million units over the weekend after at least nine cats and a dog died of kidney failure. No one has identified the source of the contamination, but the company said the recalled products included a suspect batch of wheat gluten. What else goes into pet food?" Slate's Michelle Tsai answers the question, and it may not be stuff you're comfortable with. What we should all take away from the recent food recall is that if you love your pets, you should be careful about what they eat. Don't just buy the cheapest sack of kibble on the supermarket shelf or the can with the most appetizing sounding name, read the list of ingredients first. And... More

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