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Letters to Totonno's: Pete Wells, Allison Robicelli, Cookie Cimineri, and Others on America's Church of Pizza

Slice Chris E. Crowley 10 comments

On Monday, we reported the much-anticipated news that Totonno's was finally back in business, nearly five months after Sandy sent flood waters surging through their front doors. In honor of their reopening, we've collected testimonies and love letters to Totonno's from Louise "Cookie" Cimineri, Pete Wells, Dick Zigun, Adam Kuban, and more. More

Nicoletta: What Michael White is Really After

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 95 comments

Some regular Slice-reading New Yorkers might be wondering why a national pizza blog with a strong New York bent has been completely mum on the pies at Nicoletta, the new pizza venture from über-Chef Michael White who happens to one of the greatest (not to mention one of our favorite) Italian chefs in the city. And you'd be right to wonder. Other than a brief First Look, we've been silent on the subject. Honestly, it was the initial negative press culiminating in Pete Wells' zero-star review in the New York Times that made us give pause and consider the matter. I mean, what is Michael White doing serving heavy, midwestern pizza with a sauce made with dried herbs and low moisture Wisconsin mozzarella? Here's the real story. More

NY Times Shake Shack Review: Takedown or a Rare Bit of Fair-minded Burger Candor?

A Hamburger Today Ed Levine 69 comments

So my friend and former editor Pete Wells has committed what some would call burger blasphemy: He has dared to criticize certain items on the Shake Shake menu, including the until-now-sanctified burger, in his latest New York Times restaurant review. More

Talk to the Man: Pete Wells Answers Your Questions

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Ready, set, go! Between now and July 27, New York Times Dining editor Pete Wells is in the hot seat with readers. He'll be answering questions put to him as part of the Old Gray Lady's Talk to the Newsroom feature. Direct your queries to asktheeditors@nytimes.com.... More

Barbecue In The Big Apple

Lia Bulaong 2 comments

In today's New York Times, Peter Meehan says The Big Apple May Never Be Known as the Big Sparerib, but It’s Smokin’: "New York’s barbecue scene may be missing a lot of things — like dirt roads and screen doors and decades of deep-seated tradition — but love for barbecue in the city is strong. And in the past couple of years the product has caught up to the passion. Restaurants that hobbled out of the gate have hit their strides. The best pits in and around the city have gotten better." Whether you live in the city, are planning to visit or just love barbecue, it's worth reading for Meehan's descriptions of what to eat at the nine... More

Fat Food Writer's Blues on the Radio January 4th

New York Ed Levine Post a comment

Hey, everybody, today Wednesday January 4th I'm going to be hosting Food Talk on New York's WOR 710 am on your radio dial, from 11:00 am to noon Eastern time. I'm going to be talking about food blogging with my... More

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