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Vegetables in the UK Ruined by Manure Contaminated With Toxic Fertilizer

The Guardian UK is reporting on gardeners who have unknowingly poisoned their own vegetables by using manure contaminated with a powerful herbicide, causing plants and vegetables to grow "deformed and withered" in gardens and allotments across the UK. The pesticide appears to have entered the food chain via grass treated twelve months ago: "Experts say the grass was probably made into silage, then fed to cattle during the winter months. The herbicide remained present in the silage, passed through the animal and into manure that was later sold." The extent of this problem is not known, but gardeners are being warned not to eat any home-grown vegetables that bear signs of damage by the herbicide, and are being advised not... More

Strawberry fields not forever

Thanks to our friends in the Bush administration, methyl bromide, a pesticide banned all over the world because it depletes the earth's protective ozone layer and can harm the human neuro system, is still used in the good old USA... More

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