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White Wrapped Kimchi with Persimmon and Dates from 'The Kimchi Cookbook'

When most of us think of kimchi, we think of spicy fermented napa cabbage, swathed in a bright red, fishy sauce. Lauryn Chun's white wrapped kimchi from The Kimchi Cookbook is not that kimchi. Dating back to before the 16th century, this white kimchi was being made before chiles were introduced to Korea. As a result, the kimchi is mild and slightly sweet, yet still retains the signature crunch and funk from natural fermentation. Instead of simply tossing the mixture in a jar, however, Chun elevates the recipe by wrapping the kimchi mixture in brined napa cabbage leaves. More

Let Them Eat: Fresh Persimmon Cake

In preparing this cake, I looked for a number of different ways to handle the persimmon topping. I tried sautéing in butter and brown sugar, roasting under a sheath of amber honey, and broiling and torching after sprinkling the halved fruit with sugar. Ultimately I thought the fresh, ripe flesh suffered under the heat, shriveling and losing the delicacy of its taste. A clean and straightforward arrangement with a drizzle of burnt caramel turned out to be the best way to showcase this seasonal fruit. More

Scooped: Persimmon and Honey Ice Cream

Jewish and Chinese holidays, despite some obvious differences, actually have many important features in common. Nothing puts a Jew at ease like a holiday characterized by ancient traditions, delicious foods that represent those traditions, and the widespread exchange of cash. As good Jews, Max and I decided this week to honor Chinese New Years with an ice cream recipe that pays homage to the tradition of using gold-colored ingredients for a rich year. Golden persimmons, golden honey, golden yolks, a touch of golden ginger; you get the picture. More

Cook the Book: Asian Pear, Persimmon, and Almond Salad

Since the second week of January isn't exactly prime fruit and vegetable season, I scoped out the market first before choosing this recipe from The Sunset Cookbook. Apples and oranges were abundant (no big surprises there) but the crates of persimmons and Asian pears at my local market came as a pleasant surprise. Then I remembered this Asian Pear, Persimmon, and Almond Salad. More

In Season: Persimmons

[Flickr: travellnfool55] In season October through February, persimmons are the golden delicious fruits that hang off the trees after the leaves drop in autumn. Often referred to as "the fruit of the Gods," persimmon trees can reach up to 70 feet in height. Persimmons, native to Japan and China, were first harvested in the United States in the 1850's and are now grown all over the world where the weather is warm enough.... More

Snapshots from Italy: Persimmon Perfection

Gina is back in Italy for an overdue vacanza, so for the next few weeks, Seriously Italian is morphing back into Snapshots from Italy as she shares with you some of her favorite food outings. [Photographs: Gina DePalma] Autumn, or l'autunno, is my absolute favorite food season in Rome. At no other time of year will I find all of my favorites converging upon the market, at their peak, simultaneously. Puntarella and broccoli romanesco, porcini and ovoli, zucca and chestnuts, pears, apples and clementines-each one is enough to make me swoon with happiness. But then persimmons come along in the midst of all the bounty and put me right over the top. If you've never sunk a spoon into a... More

Market Scene: Everything's Coming Up Orange in California

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, we hear from Los Angeles correspondent Leah Greenstein of SpicySaltySweet. Take us to the market, Leah! Persimmons from Peacock Family Farm. If fall had an official color—like poppies are the official flower of California, Humuhumunukunukuapua`a is the official fish of Hawaii and Crocs are the official shoe of Mario Batali—it would have to be orange. Vibrant, warm and evocative of piles of crisp leaves perfect for jumping in, or the jack-o-lantern shrapnel you wade through the morning after Halloween, orange permeates the season. Here are some of my favorite... More

Grocery Ninja: Dried Persimmons Are a Taste of Honeyed Sunshine

The Grocery Ninja leaves no aisle unexplored, no jar unopened, no produce untasted. Creep along with her below, and read all her mission reports here. Hundreds and thousands! Photograph from Shenghung Lin on Flickr Drying hachiyas. Photograph from nineblue on Flickr Hoshigaki are tender, succulent, and moist. These are Hachiya (acorn-shaped) persimmons dried the traditional Japanese way—in the sun, with nary a preservative in sight. The taste is intense—concentrated persimmon flavor with honeyed overtones and perhaps the barest hint of cinnamon—but it's definitely the texture that gets to me. Hoshigaki have chewy, almost jelly-like insides that I distinctly remember my mom trying to con me of when I was a kid ("Sweetie, those dried-up persimmons don't look very good, why... More

Market Scene: Fall's Hollywood Cameo

A pomegranate bursting at the seams. In most states, you know it's fall because the leaves change colors, turning golden, crimson and persimmon, until the tops of trees look aflame. Here in Southern California you know it's fall when everything is actually on fire and the Santa Ana winds are blowing hard enough to knock down small children. While our crisp hills smolder and turn brown like burnt cakes from Ventura County to Fontana to the Sepulveda Pass, there's the upside in knowing that fall weather also means ton of marvelous fall produce at the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map). Aw, Nuts The new crop of pistachios has finally arrived! The Santa Barbara Pistachio Company, located in Sierra Madre Mountains... More

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