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How to Make Olive Penguins

Penguin parts. These are probably meant for six-year olds, but they still provide me with gobs of joy. All you need is a black olive (for the penguin head), a bigger one (for the bulbous bod), a little carrot medallion (with a triangle sliced out for the beak), and a mozzarella ball (or cream cheese works). Extra credit if you can make them an edible igloo. It's pretty self-explanatory but check out mathea.tanner's adorable Flickr photos or if you really need step-by-step instructions, here you go. [Flickr: mathea.tanner] Related: Photo of the Day: Penguin Tteok... More

Photo of the Day: Penguin Tteok

As I mentioned before, I took a trip to Seoul last week to attend the 7th Annual Tteok Fair, a two-day event dedicated to the beloved Korean rice cake. Although I plan on writing more complete posts about the fair, I didn't want these nubbly penguin tteok from the rice cake making competition to get lost in the shuffle. Out of the hundreds of tteok creations I saw fashioned into flowers, tiered cakes, and other non-traditional shapes, I'm pretty sure these was the only ones shaped like penguins. They may not be elegant creations, but as a lover of all things that make me go, "Awww," these hold a special place in my heart.... More

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