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Remember Peepshi?

Back in 2010 we did what we do every year: buy a mess of Peeps and see what happens. And what happened was this stroke of genius: Peepshi. The Peeps-sushi mashup has become an Easter tradition right up there with hiding eggs and eating ham. Here's our beginner's guide to Peepshi-making in case you need it. More

Easter Basket 2012: Peep No More

With Easter only a few weeks away, we have to start considering what will go in our closely curated baskets. Now we're big fans of Peeps here on Serious Eats. Heck, we even devoted a whole week to them in 2010. And Peeps Rice Krispie treats have long been part of our repertoire, so it was with definite excitement that I tried the Peeps Crispy Rice Marshmallow Treat, new for Easter this year. More

10 Highlights from the 2011 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago

Life does not get much better than a trip to the Sweets and Snacks Expo. Every year, candy and snack manufacturers and distributors from all over the world flock to Chicago to show off their goodies to potential buyers. A full three acres of floor space is filled with sweet and savory snacks. Needless to say, I was thrilled to cover this event. The new items this year included dark chocolate Mallo Cups, a brand-new fudge-covered Oreo, the return of retired grape Pop Rocks, and much more. More

Peeps Week: Peeps Mood Rings

Anyone who's been an eleven-year-old girl at some point understands the power of a mood ring. How else would you know if you're feeling excited, stressed, or unsettled? The rings change colors in response to your body temperature, thanks to a thermochromic element such as liquid crystal. As far as we know marshmallows do not contain any thermochromic elements but Peeps Mood Rings are very revealing of the wearer's emotional state. Check out the decoder to see what each color says about you. More

Peeps Week: Peeps of Catan Board Game

Everyone has a friend who's introduced them to Settlers of Catan by now, right? The German board game has been called "the board game of our time*," by the Washington Post. It can take a while to get through a whole game (like Scrabble levels of long) but has a dedicated cult following that's sacrificed many Saturday evening plans to establish cities with ore cards. The goal is to build real estate with natural resources, and blahdy blah blah—what if we made a version with Peeps? More

Peeps Week: Yoga to the Peeps Diorama

It turns out that Peeps, like many humans, have a vibrant yoga community. They are impressively flexible, a perk of having no skeletal system. When you're made of marshmallow squish, you can bend in all sorts of directions. Standing on your head is a cinch when you only weigh a third of an ounce! The mats and blankets are made of Fruit by the Foot. The flavor variety pack is recommended so you can also string up Tibetan prayer flags. More

Peeps Week: Bouquet of Peeps (Bopeep?)

What happens when we buy $35 worth of Peeps? Peeps Week 2011. We've celebrated the last two years, but there's always room for more Peepsperimentation beyond the predictable microwave abuse. This Easter, show someone you really care with a bouquet of Peeps. (Bopeep? Pouquet?) Just imagine the look of glee on their faces when you whip out from behind your back, a bundle of bright, gorgeous flowers—with Peeps stuck to all the centers. More

Peepshi, the Holiday Edition

Remember Peepshi? The "sushi" made from Peeps? We hadn't really thought about them in a while, until SE community member grellionaso showed us some she made with Christmas edition Peeps. "There were no regular peeps available. I was only able to buy some peeps white snowmen and green Christmas trees." More

Congratulations to our Peeps Contest Winner: 'All the Single Bunnies'

You thought the Peeps coverage was over—we promise it will be after this, at least until 2011. For our Peeps contest we asked you to cook or construct anything with Peeps, and we'd pick our favorite. It was a tough call (did someone really make salted caramel and chocolate-covered Peeps?) but we had to hand it to this scene entitled, "All the Single Bunnies (Put a Ring on it)" by Stephanie of 52 Kitchen Adventures. More

The Peepshi Phenomenon: A Look at All of Your Peepshi Photos

When we first hatched the Peepshi concept and made our shopping list of Peeps, Rice Krispies Treats, and Fruit by the Foot, we knew it was pretty ridiculous but didn't expect it to explode the way it did. It's been incredible to see all of the Peepshi love on Flickr and across the internet. Of course Twitter became a playground of Peepshi links—we rounded up the tweets we could find, but feel free to add links to your photos if we missed them! More

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