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Watch Bonus Footage from 'Mind of a Chef' with David Chang at Benton's

For the last few weeks we've been showing you some preview clips from PBS's new series The Mind of a Chef with David Chang, and we've got more for you today. But this time, it's web-only footage (hosted on Breville's YouTube site) shot at Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams. Come take a peek into their smokehouse, and see how Allan Benton dry-cures that bacon we love so much. More

Watch Clips from New PBS Show 'Mind of a Chef' with David Chang

PBS's new series The Mind of a Chef stars David Chang along with the voice of Anthony Bourdain (he's the narrator and executive producer). It's part cooking show, part travel show, part history show, part whatever Chang and Bourdain feel like eating and talking about show. Last week, on the very first episode, it was ramen. Tonight it'll be fish sauce, kimchi, and raw scallops. Watch these preview clips. More

PBS Video: Pizza Delivery Track Lighting

The above image represents the movements of a Domino's delivery guy in NYC as tracked by a gps system attached to his bike. The patterns of his movements make a remarkable image, but represent just the final piece in the larger network of the whole Domino's machine. More

Meet & Eat: Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich's story epitomizes the American Dream. As a child, her family fled the communist government of Pola, Istria (now Pula, Croatia) for a refugee camp in Trieste, Italy, where her parents worked as the hired help of a wealthy family for two years before they were able to emigrate to the U.S. when Bastianich was 12. She spoke to us about her career, how Italian food in America has changed over the years, and what she'd do if PBS lost funding. More

Mario Batali on 'Faces of America,' a New PBS Series About Genealogy

Ever stopped and wondered about Mario Batali's gene pool? Well thanks to Faces of America, a new PBS series airing on Wednesday, February 10, with host Henry Louis Gates, Jr., you can know more about his French-Canadian great grandfather (whose last name was LaFramboise, or "raspberry" in French) and his other Italian side. Mario admits he doesn't look super Italian—except maybe his lips and nose, which he describes as Roman and Tuscan. But luckily he grew up in an Irish suburban neighborhood so he didn't get teased for the bright red hair, more for eating oxtails in traditional Italian cuisine. Watch the clip, after the jump... More

Julia Child: Cooking with Master Chefs

Cooking with Master Chefs was Julia Child's PBS television cooking show featuring her visiting 16 celebrated chefs in the United States. Nine of the episodes are now online in their entirety, including the 1994 Emmy nominated episode featuring Lidia Bastianich. My favorite episode is with a young and dapper pre-"BAM!" Emeril Lagasse, demonstrating his recipe for shrimp etoufee and a New Orleans crab boil. Watch the videos online »... More

In Videos: 'Cash Cows and Cowboy Starter Kits' on Bill Moyers Journal, PBS

The Bill Moyers Journal teamed up with the PBS series Exposé: America's Investigative Reports to follow the trail of Washington Post reporters who uncovered more than $15 billion in "wasteful, unnecessary, or redundant expenditures" that went from Washington to America's farmers. With grain prices skyrocketing and the federal deficit out of sight, this would seem the moment to cut back on those tens of billions of dollars that taxpayers shower on milk producers, cotton and rice farmers, and growers of corn, soybeans, wheat, and sugar — subsidies that keep coming whether they're needed or not. Our farm policies frankly are a ramshackle, a costly mess — a monster jerrybuilt by politics. What was supposed to be a temporary financial... More

Handpulling Noodles to Teach Physics

If you like both noodles and science, you should get a kick out of this video from the physicist Philip Morrison's 1987 PBS show The Ring of Truth: Atoms, in which chef Mark Pi makes noodles to demonstrate the principle of halving: After handpulling and folding the noodles just twelve times, Pi's created 4,096 strands so thin they're called dragon's beard noodles; Morrison points out that if Pi pulls and folds them another thirty times, the noodles would be so fine as to approach atomic thickness!... More

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