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A Closer Look at Your Italian Bakery's Cookie Case

Lauren Rothman 35 comments

Think you know all you need to about biscotti? Think again. More

We Eat Every Single Pastry at Crumble & Flake, Seattle's Best Pastry Shop

Naomi Bishop Tomky 7 comments

The legendary lines at Crumble & Flake in Seattle have died down, and now the ridiculously good smoked paprika and cheddar croissant can be yours in a matter of minutes. What else is worth ordering? We ate every single pastry to find out. More

Ideas in Food vs. Strawberry Shortcake: Reinventing the Biscuit

Ideas in Food 19 comments

Who can resist classic strawberry shortcake? Still, that doesn't mean it can't be improved upon. In their first Serious Eats column, Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot, the great minds behind the blog Ideas in Food, rethink the biscuit portion of the dessert. More

3 Recipes for Using Easy Blitz Puff Pastry

Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

Made-from-scratch puff pastry is awesome. And it doesn't have to be hard. Here are 3 great recipes to make with easy Blitz Puff Pastry. More

Puff Pastry Apple Turnovers

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

The best apple turnover you will ever have. Made with blitz puff pastry, the buttery and flaky pastry shell encases a sweet-tart Granny Smith apple-and-cinnamon filling that's perfectly cooked throughout. More

Puff Pastry Breakfast Egg Tarts

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

The ultimate breakfast tart: buttery crisp blitz puff pastry and melted cheese form a decadent base for a gently cooked egg and roasted tomatoes. More

How to Make Foolproof Blitz Puff Pastry

Yvonne Ruperti 17 comments

Homemade puff pastry is well worth the effort. This recipe offers a quick and easy version. More

Blitz Puff Pastry

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 10 comments

Homemade puff pastry is so much better than store bought. This easier version produces the same layered effect but without the stress of a traditional recipe. More

Where to Get the Best Canelé in NYC

Niko Triantafillou 29 comments

Up until recently, a good canelé was hard to find in New York City. And although there are more bakeries selling them than ever before, some guidance is in order. Here you'll find our recommendations for the best in the city. More

Trader Joe's Kouign Amann is Almost as Good as Dominique Ansel's

Jamie Feldmar 28 comments

Ready-to-bake kouign amanns are now available in the freezer section of Trader Joe's. I was excited, but also a little skeptical—could TJ's convenience-oriented take remotely compare to the real deal? More

American Classics: Boston Cream Doughnuts

Sweets Alexandra Penfold 1 comment

Say no to waxy brown, chocolate-esque frosting and cloying, gloppy, fake-y vanilla flavored goo. Making everything from scratch is time commitment and a labor of love, but if you count yourself as a doughnut enthusiast, this is well worth trying. More

Boston Cream Doughnuts

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 6 comments

This homemade version of Boston Cream doughnuts makes sure every component rocks thanks to a dark chocolate glaze, vanilla bean pastry cream, and tender yeasted dough. More

Bake the Book: Bear Claws

Sweets Emma Kobolakis 3 comments

Those of you who know how to make bear claws, raise a paw. Chances are you never have, so let The Model Bakery Cookbook teach you how. More

Model Bakery's Bear Claws

Serious Eats Emma Kobolakis 3 comments

A base of croissant dough is filled with coconut, almonds, and cake crumbs, then garnished with more sliced almonds. It's an impressive-looking pastry that really isn't that hard to master. More

Mornings in Mid-City LA Get a Boost With République's New Pastry Program

Sweets Farley Elliott Post a comment

After a lengthy dinner-only run, République's morning pastry program is quickly make its own name inside this vaunted space. More

Parmesan Bacon Gougères From 'Down South'

Cook the Book Kate Williams Post a comment

Donald Link's gougères in his new cookbook, Down South, are a far cry from the delicate hors d'oeuvre seen on passed appetizer trays at fancy receptions. More

Parmesan Bacon Gougères From 'Down South'

Serious Eats Kate Williams 8 comments

Donald Link's gougères in his new cookbook, Down South, are a far cry from the delicate hors d'oeuvre seen on passed appetizer trays at fancy receptions. More

Seasonal Sweets: Banana-Chocolate "Faux-ssants"

Sweets Jenny McCoy Post a comment

Welcome to our newest column, Seasonal Sweets, where Jenny McCoy—pastry chef, ICE instructor, and author of Desserts for Every Season—will be sharing a recipe that highlights the best ingredients of the season. First up? Easy chocolate-banana croissants. More

Banana-Chocolate "Faux-ssants"

Serious Eats Jenny McCoy 4 comments

These banana and chocolate chip croissants are quick and simple to prepare thanks to store-bought puff pastry. More

Behind the Sweets: Leigh Omilinsky Makes Pâte à Choux at Café des Architectes

Chicago Amber Gibson 1 comment

Pastry chef Leigh Omilinsky recently spent several weeks staging at Pierre Hermé in Paris. She now makes the best pâte à choux in Chicago at Café des Architectes. More

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