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Ragù alla Bolognese

Domenica Marchetti's Bolognese from The Glorious Pasta of Italy has its own curious ingredient, mortadella, which makes perfect sense since mortadella comes from Bologna. Marchetti's ragù is pretty genius, rich and meaty with melting diced carrots, onions, and celery and surprisingly little tomato paste. It makes for the perfect sauce for a Lasagna Bolognese, layered with bechamel, or atop a mound of fresh tagliatelle. More

Giblet Pasta

The richness of the liver thickens this sauce and helps it cling to your strands of pasta. Between bites of pasta, you'll get tender slivers of neckbone meat and slightly chewy bits of gizzard—a really enjoyable contrast of textures with very little effort on your part. More

The Boss of the Sauce Competition

Next Sunday, November 11, FIERI hosts The Boss of the Sauce Competition in San Francisco. It's the nation's largest tomato based pasta sauce competition. 31 restaurants from throughout the Bay Area are participating, and 20 food vendors will offer tastings of olive oil, wine, cheese, breads, etc. A $20 donation gets you in the door. Donations are tax deductible, benefiting the San Francisco Food Bank and FIERI (an Italian non-profit for students and young-adults interested in preserving Italian-American culture).... More

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