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7-Layer Dip Showdown

Where do you draw the line when it comes to fancying-up comfort foods? Sometimes iconic dishes benefit from a studied take, careful technique, and some high-quality ingredients. But what about, oh, I don't know ... 7-layer dip? More

Classic From-a-Can 7-Layer Dip

Two different 7-layer dips, stacked. In the top dish, my wife's Classic From-a-Can 7-Layer Dip, as detailed here. In the bottom dish, my fancypants cheffy dip. This easy 7-layer dip recipe, adapted from Allrecipes.com, is the one my wife made... More

All-From-Scratch 7-Layer Dip

This dip, adapted from NYC chef Joaquin Baca's recipe in New York magazine, is undeniably delicious. But, boy, is it labor-intensive. After having made it straight through over the course of a Saturday afternoon (as part of a husband-wife 7-Layer... More

Nutty Cheese Balls

Cheese and crackers is always on the party potluck signup sheet; a boring ol' standby. Try the retro ball-shaped snack instead, and fancy it up with combos like cheddar and pecans, Stilton and walnuts, and chevre and almonds. They're fun to serve as bite-sized canapes or as a single large ball surrounded by crackers and crudite. Plus, they always make the vegetarians happy. More

Cobb Dip

Cobb salads offer me a way to eat bacon and blue cheese while maintaining the appearance of control and self-righteousness. This dip does away with that pretense. Dig in.... More

Easy Artichoke Dip

Although in theory this dip should serve six, I find that people get a little strange around artichoke dip. They elbow each other out of the way and scoop a little too much onto their bread. Be ye warned, you... More

Salted Caramel Apple Dip

This recipe updates a church potluck favorite to salty sweet heights. Using autumn's apples, this dessert dip tastes better than the sum of its parts. (You can do without the caramel bits if you'd prefer your apple dip old school.)... More

Grilling: Potato Skins

[Photographs: Joshua Bousel] After four solid weeks of grilling up party foods, I thought I was done with that genre for a bit. That was until—at the bar the other night while we were collectively commiserating over the Knicks—it was... More

How to Make the Best Cheese Plate Ever

Photograph courtesy of Cheeses of France Cheese plates are a great, easy thing to serve at a dinner party. How hard is it to unwrap a bunch of cheeses and throw them on a wooden board? They work well before or after the meal, and allow the host to impress guests with some funky, novel flavors. While picking out cheeses can be overwhelming, try picking out four to five that work well together. Here are some suggestions for constructing an amazing cheese plate. Something Old, Something New The old adage applies well to cheese plates. It works best if you vary them by texture, age, milk type, and manufacturer. For instance, your plate could include a soft fresh goat... More

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