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Serious Cheese: Tough Economy Hits the King of Cheese

Photograph from Kristin Shaw on Flickr Last week the Wall Street Journal reported on an interesting story that lies at the intersection of economics and cheese. According to the paper, the Italian government is planning a bailout for, of all things, the Parmigiano-Reggiano industry. The bottom line is that at current prices the cheese costs more to produce than it does to purchase; a cheesemaker cited in the article spends €8 to produce a kilogram of cheese that he then sells for €7.40.... More

Crowning the 'King of Cheese'

Photograph from Anna Majkowska on Flickr A reader of my blog wrote me recently with an interesting question: I work at a Whole Foods in SoCal, we are debating which cheese is rightly called the "King of Cheese." My boss says Reggiano. I disagree, but not in whole. Most sites say Stilton is the "King of Cheese," more so than Reggiano (internet search). However, Stilton is called "the King of English Cheeses" at some sites as well. Would this make Reggiano "the King of Italian Cheeses?" Maybe you can point me in some direction to get this debate settled for me, either way. I have seen each of these cheeses referred to as the King of Cheese, but I have... More

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