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Father and Daughter Visit the Farmers' Market

Yesterday, we awed at Anthony Bourdain's daughter's food loves. Today, Robert Pincus, a blogger at Gourmet, reflects on his toddler's preferred tastes at the farmers' market: crusty bread, pâtés, and goat cheese. He observes: She’s being pickier, tossing that lovely bread on the ground, so I open the bag of Dungeness crab claw meat I bought as a surprise for my wife. I give Squishy a bite. She laughs out loud, then starts grabbing. Six claws, about $8 worth at $34 a pound, are gone in less than five minutes. Don’t get used to it, little girl. After a previous visit to the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, he also feeds her green garlic risotto and fresh mozzarella. While I'm sure... More

Family Meals: Good for Everyone, Not Just Kids

©iStockphoto.com/iofoto Family meals have been credited with doing a lot for kids, from reducing the risk of substance abuse and eating disorders to teaching healthy eating habits to fostering good relationships with parents. Turns out it's not just good for kids—parents also benefit from having family dinners. A new study showed parents had more successful and optimistic outlooks on their professional careers if they made it home in time for dinner. A tip for successful family meals: Keep it simple. Just because it's a home-cooked meal doesn't mean you need to whip out your chef's hat—it's less about the meal than the communal aspect. As the Slate piece aptly puts it: "Regularity matters. Maybe the family dinner is all about... More

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