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Culinary Ambassadors: Desert-Island Pantry Staples

The Culinary Ambassador Corps 43 comments

I'm all for eating both adventurously and locally, but sometimes all an American expatriate wants is a little taste of home. So what sort of pantry items are worth toting from the U.S.A. to South Africa? Here's my Top 10. I'm willing to bare my soul and withstand your mockery in the name of Culinary Ambassadorship. More

Pantry Staples in Australia: Vegemite, of Course

The Culinary Ambassador Corps 34 comments

...Of course no proper Australian pantry would be without the ever-present jar of Vegemite, oh prized production of our great nation. This staple is generally purchased in massive amounts, as it never seems to go off, and consumed just as enthusiastically (at least by me).... More

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