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We Try Panera's New Signature Hot Chocolate With Chocolate Chip Marshmallows

Drinks Erin Jackson 6 comments

Panera's newest beverage is a gussied-up hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, salted caramel syrup, and chocolate chip marshmallows. More

Chain Reaction: New Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie from Panera

Sweets Erin Jackson 10 comments

After playing around with recipes for a few years, Panera has finally released their new Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie. The head baker describes it as "the perfect cookie", but how does it really measure up? More

Panera's New Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Panini Is a Tasty Ripoff

Will Gordon 33 comments

I've tried Panera's coffee, bagels, and smoothies before with results that were mixed leaning toward good, but until last week I'd never eaten one of their sandwiches. For $9, Panera's new Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Panini comes with turkey breast, garlic-herb cheese spread, cranberry mostarda, and baby spinach on ciabatta. But is it really worth $9? More

Fast-Food Lobster Rolls: Can They Be Any Good?

Malcolm Bedell 27 comments

National and local chains roll out their versions of the lobster roll. It's a bold choice; lobster meat needs to be served reasonably soon after it's been cooked, and it is subject to some cost fluctuations over the course of the season. So which big chains are serving up mass-market lobster rolls? Are they anywhere close to those served at our favorite roadside Maine seafood shacks? Turns out, one is. More

Good Bread: Panera Bread

New York Andrew Coe 21 comments

One of the country's largest purveyors of "artisan breads" has just landed on Fifth Avenue. The shelves of the city's latest Panera Bread restaurant are stocked with about two dozen different loaves, as well as bagels and a wide variety of pastries. But that leads to a question: what, exactly, is artisan bread? More

What's The Better Name: Muffy or Bogel?

New York Carey Jones 19 comments

At left: bogels; at right, a muffy. muf·fy n. A muffin top, sold as a single baked good at Panera. bog·el n. A chunk of Cinnamon Crunch bagel dough, fashioned into a bagel hole, sold in packs of six... More

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