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A Sandwich a Day: Paneer Kati Roll at Tawa Foods

No matter where you are, if you order paneer, you have a pretty good sense of what you're going to get: a firm, mild, ricotta-like cheese that doesn't melt. So I was genuinely surprised to open up my paneer kati roll ($5) at Tawa Foods and find a mix of onion, cilantro, and—huh?—melted cheese. The owner explained: "it's American cheese." I asked for elaboration. "You know, mozzarella." More

Andrea Nguyen's Saag Soy Paneer

Tofu isn't necessarily one of the mainstays of the Indian pantry but soy paneer as it's known in India does make its way into quite a few dishes, including this Saag Soy Paneer, adapted from Andrea Nguyen's Asian Tofu. The tofu here stands in as a vegan variation of traditional paneer, a squeaky, mild fresh cows milk cheese. To mimic the texture and salty flavors, Nguyen soaks the tofu in salted water before drying and pan frying it. More

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