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Kaya Jam

This quick version of the popular caramelized coconut-pandan curd is spread over toast with lots of butter. Serve with soft boiled eggs and a coffee for a real Singaporean kopitiam breakfast. More

Susan Feniger's Sesame Crusted Banana Fritters with Coconut Kaya Jam

Susan Feniger's Coconut Kaya Jam (a pudding-like mixture of rich coconut milk; grassy, vanilla-like pandan leaves, sugar, and eggs) is familiar to anyone with a Top Chef addiction. Who could forget Gail Simmons' proclamation that she'd "love to be sticking [her] finger in [it] at all hours of the day"? In Street Food, Feniger pairs the jam with tempura-coated baby banana fritters, making for an addictively sweet and sticky dessert. More

My Thai: Thai-Inspired Coconut-Pandan Rice Pudding with Fresh Mango

We're using the much more forgiving and user-friendly jasmine rice in this dessert that is inspired by the traditional Thai sticky rice and mango. The cooking method has also been adapted for the stovetop, yielding a result that is more similar to Western-style rice pudding in terms of consistency and appearance than the dish by which it is inspired. The flavor, however, is exactly the same as the original. More

Grocery Ninja: Pandan, the Asian Vanilla

The Grocery Ninja leaves no aisle unexplored, no jar unopened, no produce untasted. Creep along with her below, and read all her mission reports here. Photograph from tisay on Flickr Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and grilled. Photograph from doubtless on Flickr Before I knew vanilla, I knew pandan. Mind-boggling, I realize, but I was well into my teenage years before I set eyes (and greedy hands) on a plump vanilla bean, whereas my family had a pandan plant growing right at our doorstep. In fact, the corridor we shared with our neighbors was lined with pots of it—Southeast Asian cooks use pandan leaves to scent their dishes so frequently that it would be unthinkable to not have any on... More

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