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Malfoof (Palestinian Stuffed Cabbage) from Mom at Chickpea in Chicago

Chickpea interior, photograph from dumin on Flickr If mom or grandma was really in the kitchen at every "mom and pop"-style ethnic spot, I feel sorry for a lot of this world's children. Which is to say, either the mom shackled to the back of that steamy Vulcan stove can’t cook or, more likely, most proprietors are lying and carrying on the celebrated tradition of mining customers yen for family-related nostalgia for their own personal gain. At Chickpea, a West Town Middle Eastern spot that opened last November, no one's lying, except maybe your stomach when it's full and tells you that you really shouldn't eat anymore. Co-owner Amni Suqi, mother of co-owner Jerry Suqi, sporting fresh cooking injuries like... More

A Palestinian Christian Easter

Samir Nassar is Eastern Orthodox and his wife Georgette is Catholic, so they and their two sons usually celebrate Easter twice a year. This year both Easters fall on April 8, and so they invited Karola Saekel of the San Francisco Chronicle into their home to see "what a typical Palestinian Christian Easter meal looks and tastes like." The Nassars were both raised in large families and have relatives in the Bay Area, so they expect about 50 people to come and eat with them on Easter Sunday—all of whom will be getting leftovers. "'Hospitality and generosity are Palestinian hallmarks,' says Sam Nassar. 'If we have to feed three, we cook for 20.'"... More

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