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The Regional Cuisine of South Asia in NYC, Part 1: Punjab and Pakistan

New York Anne Noyes Saini 9 comments

New York's south Asian restaurants have long lingered in tikka masala territory, serving up watered-down versions of recognizable North Indian dishes. Aside from a few excellent exceptions to this rule, cream-laden sauces and muted spices have defined Desi cooking here—until now. Is food from the subcontinent finally coming into its own in our fair city? We think it has. More

Grilling: Chicken Keema

Grilling Joshua Bousel 7 comments

Supremely spicy with layers of earthy undertones, this Pakistani-influenced ground chicken makes for one delicious and complexly flavored skewer of meat. More

In The Midnight Hour: Lahore Deli

New York Zachary Feldman 2 comments

Sitting opposite the Houston Car Care Centre on Crosby Street, Lahore Deli caters to the camaraderie of New York City cab drivers. More

In The Midnight Hour: Bukhari

New York Zachary Feldman 1 comment

Bukhari, a 24-hour South Asian restaurant serving Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi food, sits unceremoniously on a stretch of Coney Island Avenue in Ditmas Park. Popular with cab drivers, neighborhood business owners and residents, the restaurant puts out traditional dishes that don't hold back on heat or pungency. More

Get Your Butter Chicken a Better Way at Jaipur in Chicago

Michael Nagrant 6 comments

Butter chicken, photograph from roboppy on Flickr It says something about how far we've come as a food nation when you feel like you have to apologize for eating chicken makhani. Butter chicken is so ubiquitous that it's kind of become the crab rangoon of Indian food, the difference being that, at least from what I’ve read, it's actually a real Punjabi dish and not some Americanized bastardization. Though, from what I’ve learned about food origins, the copious amounts of cream and butter in this dish suggest it is an American- or European-influenced invention. But then again, who cares? What’s important is when done right, it tastes good. Guilt aside, for eating like a relative dilettante, I've been getting my... More

Off the Beaten Path: Finding a Bit of Kathmandu at Merit Farms

New York Joe DiStefano Post a comment

Merit Farms might just be one of the strangest eateries in Jackson Heights. Despite the name it’s not a farm-to-table type place, though I’ll bet it was once an old-school greengrocer. For years I passed by the storefront display... More

Kebab's Your Uncle at Bismillah in Chicago

Chicago Michael Nagrant 1 comment

Indian food has gotten its gourmet due with Tabla in New York and, maybe not quite as luxuriantly, but quite aptly, with Marigold and Veerasway in Chicago. Pakistani food, though, not so much. It seems the only place to score... More

Tandoor Delights at Kababish Are the Perfect Late Night Munchies

New York Joe DiStefano 4 comments

When I encountered Kababish on a sultry night around 1 a.m. I already had a bellyful of tacos. Yet there was no way I could resist this place. Dozens of South Asian specialties were advertised on handwritten orange signs... More

Burnin' Down the House in Chicago, Pakistani Osso Bucco-Style

Chicago Michael Nagrant 4 comments

It seems like every year one of my favorite Pakistani restaurants burns down. Two years ago it was Khan BBQ, my favorite spot to grab green chili slathered charcoal tandoor fired chicken boti. The fire turned what was once a... More

Come to Khan BBQ

Chicago Michael Nagrant 6 comments

Chicken boti at Khan BBQ When looking for serious ethnic spots, I find if you're the only white anglo dude in the joint, you're probably in the right place. Khan BBQ, on Chicago's Devon street—a strip of Pakistani, Indian... More

Chicago's Best Cheap Ethnic Joints, A Quick Guide

Chicago Michael Nagrant 2 comments

Ed Levine made ethnic and cheap eats safe for America, or at least New Yorkers, anyway. In some ways, his seminal work, New York Eats, put pastrami and pizza on the same table as foie and truffles. It's precisely why... More

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