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Photo of the Day: The Peanuts Gang as Peanuts

[Photograph: phildesignart] File under "Great Moments in Peanut-Related Art": Graphic designer Phil Jones hand painted these peanuts to look like the Peanuts gang (I quite like Woodstock). If you want this on a T-shirt, vote for it at Threadless. [via swissmiss]... More

Kevin Cyr's Paintings of Food Vehicles

[Image: Kevin Cyr] You may not think twice about the potential beauty of a derelict truck, but Brooklyn-based artist Kevin Cyr does. Check out his paintings of portraits of urban vehicles, many of them food-related. [via Doobybrain] Related Meat Paintings Peter Anton's Giant Food Sculptures Photo of the Day: Melting Ice Cream Truck... More

Paul Gauguin's Ham

The post-impressionist still life of a ham at right "pays homage to Cezanne and Manet while equaling both in its rigor and sensuousness," and was one of the painter Paul Gauguin's first real masterpieces, painted in 1889 before his famous move to Tahiti. The Ham is now part of the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C., but Fine Art Prints On Demand will happily sell you a print if you'd like one for your wall.)... More

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