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Watch Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonette Make Rabbit and Snail Paella at Toro

Ken Oringer's five Boston area restaurants—including the flagship Clio in the Eliot Hotel, sashimi bar Uni, pizza and salumi bar Coppa, taqueria La Verded, and the original Toro in Boston's South End—are still key players in the Boston scene, but the new branch of Toro recently opened in Chelsea is his first move in New York. Here's a look at how their paella, a large-format dish in several variations, is made. More

Latin American Cuisine: Nicaraguan Arroz con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is a classic of the Nicaraguan kitchen repertoire. It frequently goes by the stage name "arroz a la valenciana," which for English speakers will translate literally into Valencian rice, aka paella. Arroz con pollo is far from paella, but one can imagine how our Spanish forefathers may have prepared it in their colony, adapting their traditional recipes to their new regions' ingredients. The passage of time, the advent of canned foods, and the ease of convenience products led to the total bastardization of the original arroz a la valenciana, but it remains among the top favorite dishes of the populace. More

Socarrat: Tapas and Paella To Go

When I think of delivery options in New York, I round up the usual suspects: pizza, Chinese, and maybe the occasional foray into Indian or Japanese food. So I was certainly intrigued, and perhaps a bit skeptical, when Lolo Manso started delivering tapas and paella from Socarrat, his fine Chelsea paella bar. More

A Very Large Paella, From Floyd Does Spain

It's certainly not the biggest paella in the world, as it says, but the paella from Keith Floyd's Floyd Does Spain is still rather large: "Chuck in a few tons of red and green peppers, about a kilo of finely-chopped garlic..." (I would've just plopped the video on here as we usually do at Serious Eats, but for some reason embedding is "disabled by request" on this one, so you'll have to click through.)... More

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