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The Ultimate Oyster Experience on the 'Oyster Bus' in Seattle

Naomi Bishop 3 comments

At the risk of sounding like someone who just woke up from an amazing first date, it's difficult to imagine how any oyster-eating experience could improve upon the Walrus and Carpenter Low Tide Picnic (a riff on this Lewis Carroll poem. An empty beach, a 'sulkily shining' moon, such quantities of sand, and yes, that briny beach, make for a magical evening recreated for oyster enthusiasts by seafood guru Jon Rowley and Taylor Shellfish Farms. More

Oyster Mythbusting: Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions

Julie Qiu 15 comments

Raw oysters: whether or not you're a fan, you've probably made up your mind about them one way or another. But how much do you really know? Surprisingly, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about these enigmatic bivalves. With oyster popularity on the rise, it's time we set the record straight. More

5 Great Oyster Joints in New Orleans

Anne Roderique Jones 13 comments

On a recent trip to New Orleans, I set out on a mission to try as many Gulf oysters as possible in the span of one weekend. My goal: to sample them both raw and cooked, with visits to some of the city's historic and new-school oyster bars (and a touristy joint thrown in for good measure). Sadly, I missed a few of the classics on this trip due to timing and season, but I still found five that really knocked my socks off. More

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Beers to Pair With Oysters

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

We asked our crew of beer experts about their favorite beer pairings for oysters, both the just-shucked raw kind and grilled and fried options. More

Pairings Pictured: Wines to Drink with Oysters

Drinks Hawk Wakawaka 3 comments

Crisp, clean white wines are a classic way to bring out the delicate complexity of just-shucked oysters. But there are more unusual options that work well, too, which can be fun if you're feeling like casting aside tradition to taste something new. More

What Do You Like to Drink With Oysters?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 22 comments

It's Oyster Day on SE: Drinks! We'll be chatting all day about the most delicious drinks to sip while you're slurping up raw oysters (or enjoying them cooked.) But first, we want to know your favorite oyster-and-drink pairings. More

Where's the Best Oyster Happy Hour in NYC?

New York The Serious Eats Team 25 comments

We're in prime oyster season right now, and there's nothing like sneaking out of work a little early to make one of the city's many dollar oyster happy hour specials. So tell us: where do you go for oyster happy hour in New York? More

Cull & Pistol Nails the Classics and Creates Some New Ones

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

I'm a big stickler for properly cooked, ultra-fresh seafood at oyster bars like this, to the point where even the tiniest thing out of place can bring down the experience for me. At Cull & Pistol, they hit all of the classics just right, and even create new dishes that seem like they've existed forever. More

Scenes From the New York City Wine and Food Festival's Oyster Bash

New York Niki Achitoff-Gray 1 comment

Yesterday afternoon, oyster enthusiasts gathered at The Standard Biergarten for the New York City Wine and Food Festival's annual Oyster Bash. The cavernous open air space was cleared of its tables and filled to the brim with oyster purveyors and restaurant chefs, serving up a slurp-able feast. More

Taiwan Eats: Oyster Omelet

Seriously Asian Cathy Erway 1 comment

Partially translucent from a sticky and somewhat mysterious goo binding fried egg and bits of oyster, and slick with a sweet-and-sour ketchup-based sauce, the Taiwanese oyster omelet is a memorable dish that has a fervent following. More

Taiwanese Oyster Omelet

Serious Eats Cathy Erway Post a comment

Partially translucent from a sticky and somewhat mysterious goo binding fried egg and bits of oyster, and slick with a sweet-and-sour ketchup-based sauce, the Taiwanese oyster omelet is one memorable dish that has a fervid following. More

Oyster Happy Hour at Local's Corner, San Francisco

Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

We check out the oyster happy hour at Local's Corner, along with their new raw bar offerings. More

How to Plan a Beer Dinner for Valentine's Day

Drinks Michael Agnew 2 comments

What better way to woo your sweetest than a multi-course meal paired with beer? Skip the restaurant prix fixe scams and get cozy at home, cooking an aphrodiasical dinner together and sipping some delicious beer parings alongside each dish. More

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