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Braised Oxtail and Gruyère Sandwiches

You know what we need more of in this world? No, no. I mean aside from Mr. Wizard episodes and eternal puppies. We need more slow-cooked, fall-apart tender meat sandwiches. Up in my part of Harlem, soul food and French cuisine define the restaurant scene, which means that EVERY supermarket in a 10 block radius sells a steady stream of oxtail. Why not start our braised meat sandwiching right there? More

Oxtail Marmalade

I bet you thought you'd never utter "oxtail" and "marmalade" in the same breath. It is a sweet dish, sweetened with brown sugar and rich with red wine and red wine vinegar. There is something distinctly jam-like, I'll admit, about spreading the oxtail on toast. More

The Nasty Bits: Bones and Broth

Whenever I have a bony cut that needs long cooking, I put it in a pot with water and wine and leave it over the lowest heat on the stove. The broth will make a nice base for any number of noodle soup dishes, the easiest one-pot meal there is if you wilt some greens into the pot at the last moment. More

Cook the Book: Beef Marrow Bones with Oxtail Marmalade

Before I had ever eaten bone marrow, one of my friends compared it to meat butter. Having never experienced it for myself I was immediately sold on his description. What could be better than meat butter? With this concept permanently in my subconscious, I made the Beef Marrow Bones with Oxtail Marmalade served at Blue Ribbon Brasserie. The dish was kind of like butter and jam—but made entirely from animal protein. More

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