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Punny Oscar Foods 2011

Need last minute menu ideas for tonight's Academy Awards viewing? Here are some punny dishes we came up with inspired by tonight's nominees and some of our favorite recipes. True Cheese Grits, Winter's Bone Marrow, Mark Ruffalo Wings, and more. Yeah, we're pretty big nerds. More

Planning Your Oscar Party Menu

Tonight marks the 82nd Annual Academy Awards—and any event that brings people together for extended television sessions demands a snack plan. We've rounded up some of our favorite Oscar-worthy recipes for your eating pleasure. All a big step up from plain old popcorn. More

'Ratatouille' Robbed, and Food Cinema Puns

If I can't have Best Picture, can I at least havesome cheese?Ratatouille may have been robbed a Best Picture nomination, but cleaned up pretty well with five nods in total, and one actual award for Best Animation. Sure, it should have also won for Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing with all those chopping and sauce-bubbling foley art sound effects. Not to mention all that background music heightening each gustatory reaction. For crying out loud, even Associated Press critic Jake Coyle proved the film was mathematically superior to Pulp Fiction. We still love you, Remy. And in the vein of food-themed cinematic puns, here’s some ideas for the actual Best Picture nominees. Please throw yours onto the table.. No Country... More

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