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Video: Oregano Farming in Mexico

Our journey to this story began with a phone call to Steve Sando, of Rancho Gordo. A few minutes into our chat, he told us about a rural community in Hidalgo, Mexico that was growing beautiful oregano in an effort maintain the life and vibrancy of the surrounding community. We were sold. More

Grilling: Keftedes

What seemed like a ton of onion, garlic, oregano and mint in proportion to the meat at first, ended up being just the right amount of flavor to make these meatballs taste distinctly Greek. Although they didn't necessarily need the accompanying tzatziki and lemon to make them delicious, put altogether, they were outstanding. More

Oregano's Many, Many Incarnations

Photograph from Michael_L on Flickr I thought I had a basic understanding of oregano: I like a healthy dash on my pizza, and always in my feta-laden Greek salads. But I was wrong. I didn't know that I'm probably using O. heracleoticum, which has a pungent oregano-like taste. Unless O. viride, a seedless cousin, is what's living in my store-bought jar of dried oregano. Or maybe it's Origanum x majoricum, an Italian oregano-marjoram hybrid that the Herb Society of America likes best for culinary use. Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden learned her oregano lesson the hard way. She wanted to grow a supply of the versatile herb to cook with but didn't end up with what she was... More

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