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Risqué Orangina Ads Stir Controversy

Bow-chicka-bow-wow sums up recent ads for Orangina, where an anthropomorphized animal kingdom shakes, shimmies, and lap dances, wearing lingerie and strategically-placed leaves. It's quite a jump from the vintage French ones with an orange peel serving as a harmless umbrella. The commercial itself is even worse. Soda bottles explode between the thighs of zebras, then squirt onto the chests of other animals. Not sure how much that and a scantily-clad gazelle fits into the fizzy French soda vision. Parents and children groups are offended, as reported in the Independent, inspiring the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to reconsider the ad. Do you think it meets the standards of good taste and decency? Watch the Orangina commercial after the jump. [via... More

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