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Our New Favorite Way to Drink Coffee: OMilk's Cold-Brew with Almond Milk

OMilk's latest flavor: coffee milk (only available via delivery for now). It starts with a super-strong batch of cold brew extract, which gets a pour of their fresh almond milk and a touch of raw agave nectar swirled in. It's one part coffee to three parts milk, so it's strong enough to drink on its own though you could always up the caffeine by pouring it over a fresh-brewed cup (yes, coffee on coffee). More

OMilk NYC, Vegan Almond and Cashew Milks

It took a few juice cleanses—in which a cashew or almond milk is your last "juice" of the day—to get us hooked on nut milks. (When that's your only source of fat and protein for 72 hours, you really crave it. Like you've never craved anything before.) But even once back on solid food, we found ourselves missing those rich, nutty drinkables. So we were pretty jazzed to hear about OMilkNYC, delivering their vegan almond and cashew milks in New York. More

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