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Dinner Tonight: Omelet Gramajo

Had I known, as Francis Mallmann claims in Seven Fires, that this omelet can be found at "just about every Argentine bodega and cafe," I might have made the trip down south before now. What's not to love? It features crunchy fried potatoes—essentially, shoestring french fries—salty ham, and just enough eggs to hold them all together. More

Dinner Tonight: Denver Omelet

In the back of my mind I knew I'd eventually learn to make a Denver omelet; I've just been putting it off for as long as possible. It's hard to face up to dishes that you used to love when you were young. I worried that this diner classic would seem heavy handed and greasy now. It usually features a whole mess of eggs along with ham, peppers, onions, and handfuls of cheese. It was never elegant, but strangely satisfying, even if finishing one always seemed like a dare. More

Omelet Gramajo

The following recipe is from the June 17 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Omelet Gramajo is served in cafes and bodegas all over Argentina. There are many different stories... More

Sunday Brunch: Sweet Apple Omelet

This unusual sweet apple omelet recipe I've adapted from Babbo pastry chef and Serious Eats pal and contributor Gina DePalma's fantastic book Dolce Italiano. I use Honeycrisp apples, everyone's current fave these days, instead of Gina's recommended Golden Delicious, Rome,... More

In Videos: Chef Cooks 'Dream Omelet' From Recipe That Came To Him In A Dream

Chef Adam Scott demonstrates how to make an omelet. But not just any omelet—a Dream Omelet. Unlike a regular omelet, this one requires a shoehorn for cutting butter, eggs with "WW2" written on the shells, Robin Williams, lemons that turn into tomatoes, a dolphin, and some other things that have nothing to do with typical omelet-making. Watch the video after the jump to learn how to make this in your own kitchen! Or not.... More

How to Make Thin Egg Sheets in Your Microwave

I've never thought of making those super-thin omelets (usuyaki tamago) you sometimes find in Japanese dishes—I assumed reaching that thinness would take more skill than I possess—but Biggie at bento-making tutorial site Lunch In A Box shows the easy way to make them by cooking them in your microwave. With an appropriately-shaped plate and plastic wrap (Biggie includes information about the safety of microwaving plastic wrap), you'll be churning out these egg sheets in no time. Chop up the egg sheets to use as a garnish or keep them whole to use as wrappers around other foods. Of course, you can make these without a microwave; go to Just Hungry for directions on how to make them in a pan.... More

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