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Stay in School, Kids

Because math really does come in handy. From a guy who knows pies and pi, simple geometry reveals that two 8-inch pizzas are not equivalent to one 12-incher: ... the waitress came by with an 8-inch round pizza, explaining that another waitress had mistakenly given our pizza to someone else. She said we could have this 8-inch pizza now, and she’d have the cook throw another 8-inch pizza in the oven for us. She claimed that we’d be getting more total pieces of pizza, so this was a good deal for us. After doing some quick mental math (area of... More

More Fusion Pizza: You Got Your Meat Pie in My Pizza Pie

Down Under, Domino's mixes the classic Australian meat pie with the pizza pie: Until now, the most creative makeovers of the humble meat pie have involved stacking things on top of it. This week Domino's stacked it on something else.The Meat Pie Pizza comes with beef mince, onions, and peas topped with thick pastry and tomato sauce—and it looks about as pretty as a half-gobbled dog's eye. Crikey! Related: More fusion pizza on Slice... More

The $1,000 Pizza

The folks at Grub Street, New York magazine's foodblog, try a mighty expensive pizza: "Made of crème fraîche, six kinds of caviar (including a sac-load of intense black Russian Royal Sevruga, the same kind used in Norma’s omelette), and shaved slices of fresh lobster, the sample sowed confusion in our proletarian ranks." Eh. You'd be an idiot to order one of these things. It's a waste of good pizza and good caviar. But, apparently, Bo Dietl purchased one. There's one born every minute. If you feel like being a sucker, the pizza is available at Nino's Bellissima Pizza, 890 Second... More

Crazy Mashup: Marshmallow Pizza

I've been chronicling the evolution of insane doughnut-bunned fusion burgers over at Slice sister site A Hamburger Today, so it's somehow fitting that my Serious Eats coworker Alaina sent me the link to this Livejournal entry about a marshmallow-topped pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza itself actually sucked. The marshmallows had a weird effect on the taste of the cheese. It was how I imagine miracle fruit might work, except instead of making sour food taste like sweet food, it made cheese taste like moldy old gym sock. I couldn't taste the marshmallow at all, just rotten cheese. And I know... More

Belly Buster Challenge in Santa Clara, California

Could you eat an entire 20-inch pizza by yourself? With two toppings? What if it guaranteed you free pizza for a year? Blogger Bear Silber reaches for the eye of the tiger: The Pizza and Pipes Belly Buster challenge was a success. A few men set out to make history, two became boys while one became a legend. What exactly is the Belly Buster challenge you ask. Simple, it’s a 20” pizza that must be consumed in one hour or less by one individual. To date many have tried but none have been victorious. The Hall of Shame is filled... More

Goldpizza: The World's Most Expensive Pie?

A Scottish chef has made what might be the world's most expensive pizza: The pizza is sprinkled with gold and topped with champagne-soaked caviar and lobster marinated in the finest cognac. Creator Domenico Crolla [right] said it was worth more than $3,700. Mr. Crolla is tying the pie in to the upcoming James Bond movie by calling it the "Pizza Royale 007" (" 'If any pizza was made to suit 007, this is it,' said Mr Crolla.") and will auction it off on eBay to raise money for a charity, the Fred Hollows Foundation, "which works to prevent curable blindness in... More

New Zealand Pizzeria Giving Out Condoms

New Zealand chain Hell Pizza, no stranger to controversy or clever gimmicks, has come up with a new one. For its new "Lust Pizza," a pie for, ahem, meat lovers, the company has been distributing pamphlets containing sex instructions and a condom. The viral campaign has aroused some criticism, as you'd imagine. From Hawkes Bay Today: Not only do they have the authority of government policy on their side in raising the profile of HIV-Aids-and-conception-free sex with each mouthful of their product, but they are guaranteed that those calculated to be most irritated immediately become, in spite of themselves, part... More

The Great Pizzaiolo in the Sky

New York Times science reporter Kenneth Chang answers reader questions about his recent story "Pluto's Exotic Playmates": Q: The article on the Kuiper Belt objects mentioned the solar system’s ecliptic plane, to which most planetary orbits seem to conform. I have seldom found any explanation as to why the essentially two-dimensional structure prevails in three-dimensional space. The influence of gas giants on the orbit of other objects in the system, as mentioned in your article, hints at a possible answer, especially if their orbits did, in fact, expand from a more compact form. It does not, however, explain why these... More

In Iran, 'Pizza' Now Known as 'Elastic Loaves'

From the Associated Press: TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government and cultural bodies to use modified Persian words to replace foreign words that have crept into the language, such as "pizzas" which will now be known as "elastic loaves," state media reported Saturday. I guess that would make us "Slice: America's Favorite Elastic Loaf Weblog!" Update: On a whim, Slice decided to register "elasticloaves.com" as a joke, but someone has beaten us to the punch. According to a WHOIS query, the domain was registered on July 29, the day this story appeared. Is there an Iranian... More

Bear Cub Loves Domino's Pizza

Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's "Colbert Report," HATES bears. Until recently, it was a quirk Slice never quite understood. But witness: FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. -- A frequent diner at a Flagler County pizza place has worn out its welcome. The bear has made a habit of visiting the dumpster behind the Domino's Pizza on Highway 100 and I-95. Bears, Slice is giving you a tip of the hat for causing trouble at Domino's, but we're going to give you a wag of the finger for liking Domino's enough to visit repeatedly. You're on notice. Bear Cub Making Habit Of... More

Test Tube Toppings?

Brave new world, eh? Witness: Edible, lab-grown ground chuck that smells and tastes just like the real thing might take a place next to Quorn at supermarkets in just a few years, thanks to some determined meat researchers. Scientists routinely grow small quantities of muscle cells in petri dishes for experiments, but now for the first time a concentrated effort is under way to mass-produce meat in this manner. Henk Haagsman, a professor of meat sciences at Utrecht University, and his Dutch colleagues are working on growing artificial pork meat out of pig stem cells. They hope to grow a... More

Cheapskate Coworker

From Craigslist: At work we have this gentleman's agreement. If you show up late for work, you must buy lunch for the entire office. A guy in here showed up late yesterday(and he lives 4 blocks from the office!) and refused to buy lunch. Today, another co-worker showed up late, coming from Westchester, and bought about 12 pizza's. The scumbag who didn't pay yesterday had the f**king nerve to actually eat the pizza today. I hope he gets a stomach virus. CHEAP PIECE OF GARBAGE WITH NO ETIQUETTE [Craigslist]... More

Larvae Found on Pizza?

Candler resident Lori Hancock, 29, said she bought three pepperoni Hot-n-Ready pizzas at the restaurant Saturday afternoon for her son’s outdoor birthday party at a friend’s home. A few hours later, the homeowner noticed something unusual on the last pizza, Hancock said. “They looked like tiny bits of rice clumped together,” she said. Hancock took the remainder of the pizza to her home, where later that evening she saw what she said were live maggots underneath the cheese. You know, I watch a lot of CSI, and I think I heard it mentioned on there that maggots are primarily found... More

Fractal Pizza

The pizza is made from a base layer of crust covered in sauce, then topped with smaller english muffin pizzas that are topped with corn chip tortilla pizzas. [link]... More

Pizza Crust Made From Cheese

In a strange turn of events, a Des Moines, Iowa, radio personality reportedly has invented no-dough pizzas, an idea spawned from a lawn-mowing accident. The Des Moines Register said WHO's Van Harden came up with the idea of making his pizza crusts from a cheese base after losing his desire for bread. Mmm, cheese. You could conceivably make it a trifecta if you used a cheese-based sauce. Way to go, Van! Lawn-mowing accident leads to new pizza [UPI] Van invents a 100% cheese crust pizza [VanHarden.com]... More

Game: Pizza Frenzy

Not available for Mac :( Talk about a cheesy game. It's your job to deliver pizzas around town in a timely manner. The better you do, the more tips you'll get. Use the mouse to match the pizza order with the correct restaurant, and to place the toppings in the right order on the pizza. Pizza Frenzy [Shockwave.com]... More


I kinda don't get it, but I kinda like it: 1. How can I order from you? Ye can't. Pirate Pizza doesn't make the pizza. We just deliver it. So there ain't nothin' te order from us. Ye just place an order from another pizza delivery place. Then Pirate Pizza's pirates intercept their car, keelhaul the delivery person, and finish the delivery. 2. How much does this cost me? How much ye got? What say we shows up, and we just takes what we want? Yer wife looks kinda pretty, for starters. 3. So how exactly do I know whether... More

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