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Video: Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich Commercial

Richard LaMotta, creator of the Chipwich—two large chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream smooshed in between—died last week at the age of 67. In 1982, he first dispatched 60 street-cart vendors selling the dessert sandwich and a few hours later, all 25,000 of them had been gobbled—"the start of something big." If you don't have two cookies and some ice cream nearby to honor the Chipwich inventor, find some later, and in the meantime, watch this old commercial. More

Easy-Bake Oven Inventor Ronald Howes Dies at 83

Ronald Howes, a lifelong inventor responsible for creating the Easy-Bake Oven died last Tuesday. Thanks to him, many small hands have baked brownies and cakes by way of a lightbulb. And many stuffed animal tea parties have benefited greatly because of it. Do you have fond Easy-Bake Oven memories? More

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