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What Did President Obama Eat in Thailand? All of This.

Like most Thais who like to keep up with what's happening with American-Thai relations, I was interested in every detail of president Obama's brief visit to Thailand a few weeks ago. But more than anything else, I wondered what the President ate. I needed to know what the government of Thailand served Obama at a special dinner in his honor. Once I found out, I recreated all of the dishes at home. More

Obama and Baskin Robbins: Really the Same Thing?

As announced earlier this week, the Culinary Workers of Union Local 226, mostly Vegas casino and restaurant workers, endorsed Obama. Yet another food and campaign '08 overlap. Beyond just thumbs-upping Obama, the union's secretary treasurer compared their choice to a Baskin Robbins trip: “Maybe you have a certain flavor you want. But you generally look around, don’t you? And you test a few.” Hm, better idea. How about ice cream just runs for president.... More

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