'oatmeal brulee' on Serious Eats

Oatmeal Brûlée from the Sweetgreen Truck in Washington, D.C.

"Finally, a food truck selling oatmeal—and it's maybe the best you've ever had." [Photographs: Erin Zimmer] Oatmeal enthusiasts are used to having a spoon, bowl, and if you're really hardcore, a spurtle on-hand, but a blowtorch? Oatmeal brûlée has to be the most exciting thing happening in the oatmeal world today. "It took a blizzard to figure it out," said Bona Park, who drives Sweetgreen's Sweetflow Mobile, the Washington D.C. salad and frozen yogurt chain's bright yellow truck. While trapped indoors during the city's recent Snowpocalypse, she started channeling her inner pyro with oatmeal. Technically it's "quotmeal," a mix of oats and red and white quinoa, which soaks overnight, then goes into a rice cooker for a half-hour the next... More

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