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14 Foods That Will Make You Wish You Lived on Oahu

If you live north of about Arizona, the weather this time of year is probably already tempting you to move to Hawaii. And, well, so is the food. Oahu is the mullet of dining destinations: buttoned-up and business-like in the city-centric south end and party in the north end, where the surfer culture supports a sea of shrimp trucks. And don't forget Spam musubi. And just Spam everything. More

The United States of Pizza: Hawaii

You know, if you go to an island paradise like Hawaii and turn it into some sort of quest to find THE BEST PIZZA, I think you might need to relax a bit and enjoy life. But still, if you're there and have a hankerin' for pizza, why not reach for something good? So here, the Slice gets its mainlander butt out to Hawaii (virtually, of course) for the latest installment of the United States of Pizza. More

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