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That's Not Pizza!

Pizza But Not Pizza Week has got me thinking: What pizza related item have you seen that has made you exclaim "That's not pizza!" It could be something silly like pizza candy, a bizarre concoction from a local spot or one of the many wacky attempts at "the Next Big Pie" by a big chain. I asked a few Slice writers, but we wanna know what kind of pie would make someone doubt the crusty, saucy, cheesy stuff. Pizza Girl: "Maggie Moo's is an ice cream shop where I recently saw an advertisement for ice cream pizza. Everything about this... More

Ode to Combos

In a recent poll Slice readers indicated a surprising love for pizza flavored Combos®. Combos® currently makes two pizza variations of the tubular, cheese-filled snack: Pizzeria Pretzel and Pepperoni Pizza Cracker. Seeing your enthusiasm for this snack inspired me to investigate these savory morsels a little more closely. Check out all things from the land of the "Combovore:" Homepage: combos.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/combos Facebook: http://facebook.com/combos What are Combos®? Why, they are crunchy cheese-filled tubes of cracker, pretzel or tortilla of course. The original salty, savory snack and all of the variations thereof were developed internally in the mid '70s at... More

Pizza Art

There is a lot of great art in the world, and some of it even pays homage to that delicious dish we all love: pizza. Even artists like Claes Oldenburg and Pablo Picasso have created work related to pizza. Here's a slideshow of some of the best pizza art I have come across. Do you have any pizza paintings you want to share? Post a link in the comments.... More

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