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Spice Hunting: Harissa, North African Hot Sauce

If you're fan of heat and have harissa on hand, you can move that sriracha from the front of your fridge to second row. Harissa, artfully blended with oil, garlic, and lemon, kissed with cumin and coriander, is a whole different game. It can be as hot or not as you want it to be. And beneath a jolt of sharp, bright chile drums a beat of spice that elevates and compliments instead of overpowers. More

Serious Heat: Homemade Harissa

A few weeks ago, I posted a recipe for homemade Sriracha. Well, for all those commenters who complained that Sriracha had become too mainstream, I have another homemade spicy condiment option: harissa. It was during a trip to Morocco last year where I was first exposed to harissa, a thick, hot paste of red chiles that's a staple in neighboring Algeria and Tunisia, and just recently making inroads in Morocco. Moroccans stir harissa into a broth to drizzle over couscous or dollop it into soups and stews. More

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