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Taiwan: A Food Tour of 5 Night Markets

A trip to Taiwan isn't complete without a visit to one of its famous night markets. They're open everyday in the evening and have become a gathering ground for tourists and locals alike. In addition to cheap bargain deals, Taiwan's night markets are vital destinations to experience some of the country's best small eats. Here's a food tour of five Taiwan night markets near the Taipei area. Where to go for shaved ice, egg custard, bao, snake meat, and more. More

Why Aren't There Any Night Markets in New York?

At Serious Eats HQ, we've been talking about night markets a lot of late. We're pretty stoked about the Lucky Rice Night Market on May 5th, and we had a good time at last weekend's Taiwan Night Market. We've even seen some night market-like sights on Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, with communities gathered under sodium lamps to eat tacos at trucks and carts along the street. And the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn has made some definite suggestions of events combining night food and culture. But we don't really have night markets in this city, which is a big shame, as they're pretty much the most fun you can have while eating. More

Photo Tour of Shilin Market in Taipei

Photographs by Joel Haas Get a look into the chaotic and food-centric Shilin Night Market, the largest night market in Taipei, with Joel Haas's photo tour on Neatorama. You can find fruits, freshly made dumplings, candied tomatoes, obanyaki, sugar cane juice, and more in this market that runs from the late afternoon until about 2 a.m. For more Taiwanese night market food porn, check out the Taiwan Night Markets Flickr group. Related Eating in Taipei Top Ten Taiwanese Snacks... More

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