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We Chat with Chef Nick Anderer of Maialino

Chef Nick Anderer has taken on an ambitious project: dusting off old Roman recipes that sometimes involve pigs feet and lamb intestines and making them palatable for a New York audience. But no matter how he does it, what matters most to him is that everyone leaves Maialino with a smile on their faces. Here he tells us how he tries to do just that. More

Video: At Home With Nick Anderer, Executive Chef at NYC's Maialino

Nick Anderer, executive chef at excellent NYC Italian restaurant Maialino, has no shortage of tricks up his chef-whites; see his perfectly poached eggs for evidence. But what does he cook when he's in the comfort of his own home? On a humid summer night, we stopped by Nick's apartment for kimchi fried rice jazzed up with homemade kimchi and leftover pork belly from the restaurant. More

Maialino Breakfast Review: Do Romans Really Eat This Well at Breakfast?

I've heard from countless Italian food experts that Italians in Italy as a whole and Rome in particular, don't eat much for breakfast—that most people tend to make do with coffee, roll, and juice for a modest beginning to the day. So what explains the spate of well-regarded and reviewed Italian restaurants serving amazing, only in New York breakfasts? Maialino is the latest—and, perhaps, one of the best. More

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