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What It Was Like Being a Judge on 'The Next Food Network Star'

In my ever-careening life as a food TV pundit, I was asked to judge on an episode of the The Next Food Network Star that aired June 24, as a number of serious eaters have pointed out. I agreed to do it mostly because I thought I would able to see Alton Brown, whom I have always enjoyed talking to. Alas, when I got to the studio I discovered that none of the three stars of the show—Alton, Bobby, and Giada—were on set for this taping. More

Serious Reads: How to Eat a Small Country, by Amy Finley

In her new memoir, How to Eat a Small Country: A Family's Pursuit of Happiness, One Meal at a Time, Next Food Network Star winner Finley shares what happened in the months following her failed stint on the Food Network. She reveals a splintering marriage, which she and her husband attempt to salvage by moving to France for half a year. Finley is clearly a food-minded person, and hopes that the land of unparalleled cheese and cheap wine will revive her relationship and her family's spirit. More

Recap: The Next Food Network Star Season 6, Episode 8

Alright, folks. Things are getting serious on The Next Food Network Star. We're down to five contestants, and the stakes are high. Even higher after we hear that the final four get to throw down in New York City, home to Food Network headquarters. Gulp. Let's see who whipped out the big guns this week, and who will miss their NYC-bound flight. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD] More

Recap: The Next Food Network Star Season 6, Episode 7

I went out of town this past weekend, and got caught in a series of torrential rainstorms on my way home Sunday afternoon. But don't you fear—nothing can keep me from catching the latest episode of The Next Food Network Star. This week, six contestants were competing for limited glory and recognition. Let's see what went down. More

Recap: The Next Food Network Star Season 6, Episode 5

This week the series was back with a vengeance, and we even had an extra half hour of dramatic goodness to enjoy instead of doing all that aforementioned "fun" stuff. Eight contestants are still in the running, and boy, do they want the gold! Without further ado, let's recap. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD] More

Recap: The Next Food Network Star Season 6, Episode 4

Another week, another gripping installment of The Next Food Network Star. This week, nine contestants showed down to defend their ever-dwindling chances at their very own Food Network show. I could almost feel the intensity, the heat, the pressure from my couch—or maybe that was the oppressive summer humidity. Either way, let's recap!! [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD] More

'Next Food Network Star' Runner-Up Lisa Garza Also Handed Her Own Show

Yesterday, we told you that Next Food Network Star runner-up Adam Gertler got his own show from Food Network called Will Work for Food—even though he didn't win the series. Now, Lisa Garza, also a runner-up, tells us on her Facebook profile that she's "working on a TV deal with another network in NYC!!! Thanks to all my fans!!!" You're welcome, Lisa!!!!! Could it be Bravo or HGTV? The update also adds a shameless plug for her aprons, which are available at couturecaviar.com. The site is still under construction. Previously: The Next Food Network Star's Lisa Garza: Love Her or Hate Her? The Next Food Network Star Season Finale... More

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