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The Organic Milk Business Has Gone Bad: Are You Buying Less Organic Milk?

©iStockphoto.com/cmisje According to the New York Times, the organic milk business has gone bad in a hurry. Are you drinking less organic milk these days, serious eaters? Before we get to the reasons why these farmers are struggling, at least according to Times contributor Katie Zezima, I feel compelled to say that it's this kind of story that demonstrates why we need newspapers to endure. Because without quality institutions like the Times, with its wealth of reporters, editors, and stringers, stories like this might go unreported. Or, at the very least, they wouldn't be made available to the general public. Has anyone read about the plight of these farmers in any other consumer publication, online or in print? Now... More

'The First Celebrity Cooks,' Marianne Manners and Prudence Penny

Photo from the Los Angeles TimesIn a nostalgic look at the kitchen gurus of yesteryear, today’s Los Angeles Times profiles two newspaper personalities, “Marianne Manners” and “Prudence Penny,” whose columns and radio shows dispatched culinary advice to generations of home cooks throughout the twentieth century. In an era before Ramsay and Colicchio, these two were the celeb-chefs of their day. Different authors assumed each pen name: Originally a cooking teacher named Ethel Vance Morse, “Marianne Manners” was later taken over by Los Angeles Times editors; “Prudence Penny” started out as an umbrella name for Hearst authors across the country. Despite this lack of continuity, however, both served as trusted kitchen authorities for decades. “These ladies had it all," the LA... More

Taste-It Notes: Lickable, Flavored Print Ads

This probably won't save newspapers, but might keep them afloat a few more minutes: lickable ads. The marketing crew behind newspaper ink giant U.S. Ink Corp. have created Taste-It Notes, a peel-and-taste strip, in the same vein as those Listerine strips, that hopes to zazz up the print advertising slump. The company said 1.5 million people have tried Taste-It Notes and 59% were more likely to buy the product after. So far Campbell's Soup and Welch's have signed up for the new gimmick. People like to lick stuff, but we'll see about this one. [via Dealscape]... More

Newspaper Food Sections Cutting Jobs; What Can Be Done?

©iStockphoto.com/ideabug My friend Michael Bauer, the San Francisco Chronicle executive food and wine editor and restaurant critic, laments the job losses occurring on a regular basis at newspaper food sections around the country. For Bauer, this issue really hits home for two reasons: his own newspaper—which once had the single largest staff of any newspaper food section in the country—is under intense financial pressure, and many of his friends and colleagues find themselves out of work. It is indeed a terribly difficult time to be working at newspapers, particularly at the food section. Why?... More

The Difference Between Reviews and Blog Posts

Yesterday I mentioned the story in the San Francisco Chronicle about the influence foodbloggers and food forums such as Yelp are having on the restaurant biz. The crux was, Who are these amateurs and can we trust them? The article mentions the 30-day grace period professional critics often give a new place and the fact that they visit multiple times before turning in their copy. But what about professional critics who also blog?... More

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